Your Personal Energy Affects Your Environment

My Clients will know that when we are talking about relationships with others and wanting to change the dynamics between people, I will always say, change your energy and everything around you will change. Often people wonder how can it be as simple as this when we talking about relationships with other people!

Let me explain.

Your thoughts, attitudes and emotions emit energetic fields, creating field environments that affect your perspective, relationships and others’ environments? This is what I like to call your human wifi !

This is good news because we can positively change our individual and social field environments with attitudes of genuine love, appreciation, care and compassion, which moves us into coherence.

If you have worked with me before you will have heard me talk about your heart energy and coherence.

“Coherence is a highly efficient state in which all of the body’s systems work together in harmony. Increasing personal coherence creates an alignment of mind, body, emotions and spirit through the power of the heart. ” Heart Math Institute.

The field generated by the heart is called the electromagnetic field. It is the most powerful rhythmic energy field produced by the body as it becomes more organized during positive emotional – heart-coherent – states.

So it’s within all of our power to create the field environment we desire. Let me say that again.

It is within all of our power to create the field environment we desire, and therefore our experience of life.

Studies conducted in Heart Math Institute’s laboratory have shown that the heart’s electromagnetic field can be detected by other individuals and can produce measurable effects in a person several feet away. ( You know how you can feel really good in some people’s company, this is why!)

Intention is everything, and in any situation, whether you’re alone with your thoughts, at a family gathering or present with coworkers, you can set your intention.

See how you feel when you say this intention to yourself:

My intention is to feed the field environment with sincere love, care, compassion and appreciation. I allow this into my energy, in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time. 

Visualize and Prepare

Here is an effective way to begin your day and help create a more pleasant field environment. Before meetings, interactions or communications with others, try this simple technique. It will help smooth out your day and reduce stress build-up.

This is what you can do:

  • Take a few minutes to quiet yourself and become centered in your heart. Close your eyes and focus on your breath and your heart center.
  • See and feel yourself maintaining balance in your meetings, communications and interactions with people.
  • Ask your heart intelligence to cue you up if you start slipping into judgments, excessive drama or resignation. If you do, see yourself shifting back into your heart and reset, taking care not to judge yourself.
  • Send love and positive energy to all your possible interactions before going to them. Remember, even when you prepare, they still may go sideways because of others’ attitudes. Let it go. You still should continue to send out positive energy, because it will benefit your system and increase the ratio of positive outcomes in situations, and things start to change…!

This simple technique will help you bring about your own personal change whilst helping to bring about individual and social change in the field environment.

So what about the bigger picture?

We are all connected energetically, and have our personal, social and planetary field environments.

Your Personal Field

Have you ever woken up in the morning all bubbly and full of energy to only find that it takes a few things to throw you off kilter, you can’t find your keys, you are running late for work, you spill toothpaste on your top.

Next thing you know, these frustrations are attracting more negative thoughts, insecurity and anxiety, leaving you more vulnerable to overwhelm, impossible time pressures and personal energy drain.

There is something you can do, as how you feel is in your control and you give yourself a quick reset with the following:

Stop, relax a few minutes, while imagining yourself breathing the attitude of calm in through your heart or chest area.

This quiets the energy of frustration and anxiety.

Then you can re-center yourself in the heart and replace the negative field environment with a positive attitude and outlook.

Then tell yourself, “I am ready to be calmly in control, I allow this into my energy, in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time. ”

Social Field

I want you to begin to think of the broader impact and your contribution to the energy field at large.

Any group gathering is the social field , this might be a family dinner, a business meeting, or being out with friends on a night out.

Let’s take two different scenarios. One I’m very familiar with from my old place of work, where business discussions could spiral into debates or a feeling of going round in circles where I was left feeling, “Why am I even in here? What a waste of my precious time,” etc.

The opposite experience is where I’ve been in places with people communicating from their heart space and the energy in the room  was upbeat, heart-based and inspired creative interaction and solutions. Everyone felt refreshed and energized by this environment. This happens when I have events with my Clients, or when I go to personal development conferences and there is an inspiring speaker.

I think most people have experienced these situations.

Form an energetic perspective, the collective energy in a room makes up the field-environment, which vibrates at a certain frequency. The overall room vibration, is based on the collective vibration of the individuals in the room.

It only takes a few people in a social gathering to change the collective room vibration by increasing their own vibration. This can be done by radiating the attitude of peace and flow into the field environment while doing deep heart listening.

Though we can’t help it at times, judgments and criticisms are in most cases, responsible for bringing down the vibration in communication that impacts the social environment, we can literally feel it.

That said, with practice we can learn to reset our personal vibration when communicating with others by returning to deep heart listening from a neutral space without the judgments.

As more individuals practice maintaining their vibration, then the stronger the collective positive field environment becomes. This makes it easier for all to experience a higher ratio of coherent interaction and save a great deal of energy.

Good stuff hey, so everything starts with your vibration. This is why I always say your intention of your vibration is so important, consider this when you next go to a business meeting or for an interview. What vibrational frequency are you sending out? How are you leaving people feeling?

Planetary Field

Let’s think even bigger now!

The planetary field environment encompasses Earth and its people. Much of it is made up of the collective consciousness of us all.

Which means that radiating love into the planetary field environment increases the positive energy, making it easier for the planet and its inhabitants to shift and transmute the accumulated negative energy.

Even sending two minutes of loving care a day to mother earth can make a big difference.

It also helps to take some time to envision the planet the way you want it to be, because thoughts and imagination precede the creation and manifestation of what we are trying to obtain.

Your thoughts, feelings and attitudes all contribute to the energetic environments, your personal and your social. You can consciously effect positive change in your personal and global field environments which contributes towards a planetary shift. Then the positive field environment will multiply our potential to experience a more balanced and joyful life.

Collectively we can raise the planetary vibration together.

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