Your Message Map

Using the below template you will create your message map.

The best way to do this, is to take all your reflections from connecting in with your ideal client in the previous module. review the framework in the message map so your conscious mind knows what you are creating.

Then to use the mindful meditation below the template to connect at a soul level with your ideal client before you start drafting out your message map.

Use the prompts to guide you, I have put one example in there so you can see how it translates.

Once you have created your message map, you will have 12 themes that you will be able to consistently use in your marketing to attract clients to work with you. You will become known for speaking to these themes, and this focus will give your audience clarity about who you are, what you make a stand for, your expertise and exactly the steps they can take to learn more or to work with you.

Are you ready? 🙂 Let’s do this!

Message Map

How Would They Say It?

The following is four years worth of market research from clarity calls and listening to the hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs at all stages of business.

This research isn’t to replace listening to your own community, but to give you something to start with and to inspire you to listen to how your ideal client says things.

When we mirror the language of our ideal client, they feel seen and heard. Of course it starts with listening, as all great conversations do! And marketing is after all a conversation.

Roadmap 1: Under £50k a year
Roadmap 2: £50k - £100k a year
Roadmap 3: Over £100k a year