Your Impassioned Life: A Coaching Programme.

Feel amazing about your life. Have the energy & freedom to be yourself in your relationships, while doing work that you love.

Are you starting to notice the impact of your stress levels on your health? 

Are you feeling that now is the time to take care of you instead of giving everything away to your company?

Are you feeling the call to show up and do something about it?

Are you feeling disconnected from your loved ones?

Are you fearful of being lonely?

Are you worried about your future and your kids future?

Are you worried you are not in the right relationship and what the hell to do about it?

Are you lying awake and night wondering how you can be yourself?

Are you wondering who am I if I step away from this career that is burning me out?

Do you feel that your kids have grown up so fast and its frustrating not being with them?

Do you feel stuck on the hamster wheel providing for your family but at a cost you are no longer willing to pay?

Are you starting to recognise that you deserve more then this and wondering what that would look like for you?

Do you know you don’t want to stay in your current job, you want to do better for yourself, find a better balance and enjoy your life more… even if you don’t know what that looks like yet?

If you are saying yes to these questions, the good news is you’ve come to the right place. 

That was me. Before I discovered Transformational Life Coaching and The Energy Alignment Method. 

Imagine if

You woke up every day feeling joyful, experiencing happiness, connectedness and peace.

Imagine if everyday your life just felt amazing, you felt free, a sense of  freedom and passion in the work that you do and in your relationships too.

Imagine what it would feel like to have found your sense of self like you never experienced before.

Imagine feeling connected in your relationships, to love and to be loved fully, and to know that you deserve the best in life because you have everything that you could possibly desire.

To have soulful, true connections with your family… to have the freedom to be truly present with your kids… and to see your kids reflect your happiness back to you, and know that you’re being a positive role model, and showing your kids that they really can have everything they want in life.

Imagine life with no more worry and anxiety and watching the physical symptoms of your stress melt away.

All of this and more is possible, as it was for me.

All of this is possible with Transformational Life & Business Coaching and The Energy Alignment Method. Apply Now.

Be Inspired by Leigh’s Story

I’m Louisa Havers, a  Transformational Life & Business Coach & Energy Alignment Mentor. I help professionals who feel stuck in their career to make a change and lead a more fulfilled life, even if they don’t know what that is yet.

I remember when my Dad became ill, and I saw all of his dreams to retire and travel around the world, and paint and do the things he loved the most get taken away from him. It made me realise that life is so short, and we need to stop waiting to do the things that really make us happy.

I had a really successful career in the Public Sector, I was leading service re-designs across multiple agencies, and coaching and mentoring people in their careers in the workplace. Outside of the day job, I was providing life and business coaching for my network marketing business partners and health coaching for my clients. The people I worked with got great results.

But I was not seeing my kids and I already had a failed relationship with my kids’ father.

My father’s death was the turning point for me, and when this followed a few years later with my own bout of ill health, I realised I had to do things differently.

I learnt the skill of managing my energy, thoughts and emotions, and this completely shifted my life experience.

I got certified in Coaching, Pranic Healing, and the Energy Alignment Method and I launched Trifolium, Lifestyle Coaching. Now I see my kids more than ever, our relationship is more connected, they are happier, and I feel so much happier and fulfilled than I did before.

I knew I wanted to reinvent myself even though part of me felt like I couldn’t or shouldn’t and I didn’t know what it would look like.

Using these skills and techniques I made the shift, where now I feel confident, fulfilled and amazing.

I work with people who show up, do the work, make the time to make the transition, who are committed, who know that it is possible for them, and are willing to make it happen.

They know they need to step outside of their comfort zone and with the right support know they will make it happen.

This isn’t for you if you not in a place to invest in yourself because you can not pay your monthly responsibilities and do not have access to resources.  This isn’t for you if you are in need of clinical mental health support.

You know you are ready for a change and trust you are here for a reason. Apply Now.

I knew I wanted to develop my skill set to the best of my ability, so I could provide my clients with the best possible service.

I got to work:

  • Invested the money – over £36,000 to be exact!
  • Enrolled in 12 courses.
  • Studied coaching, personal growth, energy alignment, pranic healing, attitudes, growth mindsets, money management, money mindset, marketing, social marketing, nutrition, business systems, and social media.
  • Developed a multi-year business plan and strategy.
  • Created my brand.

I teach you how to find your sense of self again, feel fulfilled within yourself and your relationships and to have the confidence to turn your dreams into reality while living the lifestyle that you deeply desire.

Clients have told me that before we worked together they knew they were meant for more but didn’t know what that could look like, they knew they had to make a change, and didn’t know how to shift their energetic vibration, their thoughts, emotions and beliefs… and the results that were showing up in their life.

My past and current clients have: 

Released the self doubt and resistance to living their passion. Their passions are wide and they are now helping others live healthier lives, bringing joy to others through their creative stationary, have launched their own life coaching businesses, raising the vibration of the planet through their music and performing again.  And so much more. 

Released the disconnection in their relationships so that they can love and can be loved at new, more fulfilling levels.

Released their resistance to stepping outside of their comfort zone.

Found their sense of self again, so that they take care of themselves and model this for their kids, showing them you can feel fulfilled and amazing.

Found their purpose and joy in their career and job again. 

Creatively built a business that allows them to live the life they truly want. 

 Be Inspired by Alison’s Story

The biggest benefits for me have been shifting negative emotional patterns which prevented me from moving forward. I now listen to warning signs that my life is out of alignment and am aware of how negativity from others influences me. I have come to terms with past traumatic life events, appreciating where they have given me inner strength. I’m even considering using my experiences to work in the field of mental health. Thanks to the support in the group, I am conquering my social anxiety, which I suffered after the loss of my father and the subsequent birth of my son. And I’m back performing again!!!

My confidence has rocketed as I am learning to trust in myself, work through challenges and take pride in my achievements. I now have inner peace – yes life still throws you curve balls, but nothing keeps me down for long!

Louisa is an amazing coach & mentor! She is able to reinterpret what you think and say to uncover deep-rooted issues. She instinctively knows when to offer her insight, when others can offer theirs, and when the answer already lies within yourself.

If you are looking for passion and purpose in your life, you will be amazed by just how different life can be. It’s an emotional rollercoaster with highs and lows, shedding layer upon layer to reveal your true inner core. It’s been there all along, just crying out to be heard!

Your Impassioned Life is for all, regardless of your starting place, regardless of your story. This programme is truly inspirational – are you ready to take a leap of faith?

Alison Duggan

Your Impassioned Life: A Coaching Programme. Feel amazing about your life. Have the energy & freedom to be yourself in your relationships, while doing work that you love.

It’s a coaching package in a league of its own. I teach you how to transform your thoughts, emotions and beliefs so that you can grow into the fullest version of yourself and to be in alignment with your passion and purpose, whether that is to branch out and leave your job and go self employed or to transition to a new career.

It’s not like other coaching programmes out there, as you will receive all the support and community you need to make lasting changes. It includes 1:1 coaching, group coaching calls, full email support, bonus videos with niche coaches, and full video and workbook modules all in one.

This programme is for you if:

  • You are starting to notice the impact of your stress levels on your health.
  • You are feeling that now is the time to take care of you instead of giving everything away to your company.
  • You are feeling disconnected from your loved ones.
  • You are wondering who you will be if you step away from the career that is burning you out.
  • The kids have grown up so fast and you are no longer prepared to put up with the cost of not being present with them.
  • You know you don’t want to stay in your current job and you want to do better for yourself, have a better balance, enjoy your life, even if you don’t know what that looks like yet.
  • You’ve ticked all the boxes to have the successful life, but that quiet voice inside of you is getting louder.
  • You want to feel like yourself again.
  • You recognise that you deserve more and are ready to reach your full potential.
  • You know what got you here won’t get you ‘there’.
  • You are ready to answer the call to show up and do something about it.


You will feel joyful, experience happiness, connectedness and peace.

You will have a sense of  freedom in the work that you do.

You will have found your sense of self like you never have before.

You will feel connected in your relationships, to love and to be loved, and to know that you deserve more in life because you have everything that you desire.

Have soulful, true connections with your family and  have the satisfaction that your kids reflect your happiness back to you.

You will be a positive role model and show your kids that they really can have everything they want in life.

You will see the physical symptoms of your stress melt away.

You’ll have access to my proven strategies to be happier, to create an abundant mindset and change your life using the Law of Attraction.

People like us – high achievers – we do well with strategies, techniques,  our own inner circle community and mentorship.

I have your back. During this programme, I am fully committed to you living an extraordinary life. I am fully invested in you, your passion and purpose.

This programme gives you everything you need to have the mindset and energetic vibration to create the lifestyle you want. Together, we will:

  • Find out what has been holding you back, we will heal the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that no longer serve you and create a paradigm shift in all areas of your life.
  • Align your energy and mindset to your passion and purpose, define your niche and what brings you joy in your work and create your success plan so that you move forward with confidence and in full faith.
  • Raise your vibration so that you are happier, attracting more of what you want, feel connected within yourself and to others, so that you have the love that you want in your life and feel amazing.

Your Impassioned Life isn’t just your typical coaching programme. I show you how to be happier and change your life using your energy and the Law of Attraction.

Be Inspired by Lisa’s Story

Before I started working with Louisa and joined Your Impassioned Life, I was finding that life was generally difficult, we were facing financial difficulties as my husband was out of work, and I could not see a future. I had low self- esteem and no self- respect.

I saw the 4 month Your Impassioned Life programme post on Facebook and booked a breakthrough call. My low self-worth made me question if I could do the programme, but this doubt disappeared when I spoke to Louisa. There was an instance connection with Louisa. It was an open and safe environment in which I could be honest with my worries. I felt supported and loved by Louisa and the other clients. The shifts in my life were many. Relationships improved, I started to love myself, I began to see money was just an energy like everything else. Initially I struggled at the beginning of the course with the group calls, but I soon began to see the value in sharing with others, and I felt connected with the other people on the course. The greatest benefits from completing the programme have been self-love, improved relationships within my family and the workplace, and I have even lost weight!

As a Coach and Mentor Louisa is amazing. She is very knowledgeable about EAM, she has a lovely energy. She recognises when clients need extra time and support and ensures that the calls are organised in a way to allow this to be given.

Lisa Thomas, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Stoma Care

Be Inspired by Renee’s Story

The Steps!

I know that each person I work with arrives with their own unique story and background. I’ll meet you where you are and take the time to get to know you so we can create a tailor-made experience just for you.

Together, we will cover:

  • Month One – We will set the foundation for your paradigm shift. We will release any resistance and expand your vision to work with the Universal Laws.
  • Month Two – We will  release the energy, thoughts and patterns that have not been serving you in all  areas of your life. We will align to new energy, thoughts and beliefs so you have the abundant mindset to attract what you want in life.
  • Month Three – We set you up for success, so that you can master your money mindset and grow with grace. We will raise your wealth consciousness in preparation for living your purpose with passion and profits.
  • Month Four – We pull this altogether, we define and align to your passion and purpose, and your legacy to this world.