Your Ego Is Afraid Of A Power Outage

If you’re a career focused person, this might sound like you…

You take on big workloads, but don’t contract out any of the work.

You don’t ask for help when you could.

When you delegate tasks, you micro-manage the heck out of people who help you.

These unhelpful patterns are driven by our ego.

Our ego lives in constant fear of losing power. It makes us believe we need to control everything in our life in order to ensure a positive outcome.

…and it tells us that delegating and sharing work means giving away power.

But all these patterns really do is keep you from growing, expanding, and achieving what you want. When we strive to control, it’s not because we are just better at doing it…

It’s from a lack of self-trust, and a lack of trust in the universe to support you in realising your desires.

If you want to grow in your business and career, it’s important to make a shift in how you see sharing workloads.

If you see delegating tasks as expanding your mission and purpose…

…and see involving other people in your work as creating opportunities for others…

You’ll expand your opportunities, grow your influence, and make a larger impact.

You have the drive, ambition, and capability to get what you want out of your life and career. Book your free breakthrough call with us today, and let’s quiet that fearful ego once and for all.

Much love,


P.S. Our fear-based ego makes us believe that delegating tasks at work means losing control, and power. But when you share tasks and contract out certain aspects of your work…you’re not losing control at all. You’re helping yourself and others by expanding your passion and resources to affect even more people than before. Book your breakthrough call with us to reshape how you can succeed more in your career.

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