You Deserve Your Aha! Moment!

This was a complete game changer for me…

It was the moment I went from feeling stuck, unhealthy, exhausted, stressed, and out of alignment…

…to feeling free, healthy, wealthy, energized, and totally confident in my life’s purpose.

It was the day I encountered energy medicine.

While co-hosting a wellness fundraising event, we collaborated with different professionals in the wellness field, one of which was a Pranic Healer named Tara.

I would see people spend just 10 minutes with Tara, and walk away looking totally happy and energized.

I was perplexed, and deeply curious…so I asked for my very first pranic healing session.

Tara worked on parts of my personal energy field while standing about 5 feet away from me. My eyes were closed.

It blew me away… I really felt it!!

When she asked me how I felt after I said, “I felt it when you came over and worked on my shoulder.”

She said “You know, I didn’t move, but I did work on your shoulder”….

…that was it. My next turning point.

I felt amazing for days afterwards and knew that energy work was the missing piece to my life. So I started my journey of learning more for myself.

Since then, I got certified in Coaching, Advanced Pranic Healing, Psychotherapy Pranic Healing, Crystal Pranic Healing and the Energy Alignment Method. And I launched Trifolium, Lifestyle Coaching in 2016.

Ever since I added this new energetic knowledge and understanding to my life, everything started to just fall into place… quickly!!!

I launched my business, and created the success and lifestyle I had ALWAYS wanted.

I now spend way more time with my kids, I’m healthy again, lost all those extra pounds, and run a 6 figure coaching business.

I’m doing the work I LOVE, and have supported over 5,000 people to make life changing transformations so that they love the life they live!

…that’s the power of energy alignment. Getting to the root cause of the problem, and making energetic shifts to allow things to unfold with ease, and flow.

That’s why I’m SO excited to do energy work with my clients, and why it’s the foundation for all the work I do.

Whether it’s getting clarity on your life purpose through my Impassioned Life Program…

…or building your 6 figure soulful coaching business through my Soulful Business Mastery course…

Using the Energy Alignment Method brings clarity into every facet of your life.

It certainly did that for me!

Jump on your free breakthrough call with me today and finally give yourself that “aha!” moment you’ve been craving for years.



P.S. Experiencing my first pranic healing session was a complete game changer that introduced me to the power of the energy alignment method. Jump on your free breakthrough call with me and transform your life using EAM!