Coaching for your Staff

Staff who are happy and contented are more effective at work. There are many things that can impact how happy a staff member is; this may be some aspect of the job, the workplace, or something from home that is affecting work performance. Of course, the quicker the issue is addressed the better.

Sick days cost companies a fortune. Emotional health and wellbeing is recorded to have a huge impact on business. Though organisations may have many very skilled people to support the team members, often they are not the most suitable people because staff may fear the perceived consequences of sharing with a colleague/manager.

Demonstrating that your organisation has a supportive and effective strategy for staff wellbeing is good for you, your staff and your business.

Coaching can help your business to:

  • Achieve targets
  • Motivate staff
  • Improve communication
  • Develop productive relationships
  • Improve staff esteem and confidence
  • Embed learning
  • Deal with challenge and change positively
  • Help staff to become more effective in their roles

Personal Life Coaching

Your staff member arranges Personal Life Coaching with me and invoices are directed to the employer. Alternatively, I am able to work with your staff within your own work center or setting.

Personal Life Coaching has amazing benefits, opening you up to your true potential. It enables you to see how to achieve the life you dream of and a Life Coach supports you as you plan the actions you need to get there.

Of course the life you dream of may involve starting a business or planning a round the world trip but for most of us we simply dream of feeling happy and contented being who we are and living the life we have. And I can certainly help you discover how you can create the life that feels right to you whatever that may be.

Coaches are used in many professions, most commonly in sport, helping athletes to become more conscious of what works and helps them become aware of, and to avoid behaviour that is not productive. A Life Coach works in the same way, enabling you to develop the positives and eliminate the negatives, so that you become the very best you can.

You do not need to be in a life crisis to hire a Life Coach, though at a time of change Life Coaching can be very beneficial in helping you to work out the next chapter in your life.

Hiring a Life Coach is a positive acknowledgment that you want to achieve more from yourself and your life. It is confirmation that you want to utilise your talents and abilities in order to succeed at all you do. Life Coaching unlocks your potential and dispels feelings of discontentment and insecurity. A Life Coach enables you to get a clear vision of what you want, helping you to break it down into small attainable steps, and turning your life’s hopes and dreams into realistic ambitions, goals and targets.

As your Holistic Life Coach I will offer support, help you break through energetic and mental barriers, monitor your achievements, celebrate your success, keeping you focused and motivated.

To find out more and discuss your needs