Where leaders, coaches and mentors calibrate to making a bigger impact, to help more clients to have the results that change their life.

Whilst receiving multi six figures, with balance and harmony in all areas of life…..we rise together.

Imagine being able to…

Raise your income ceiling and enjoy predictable £10k – £30k months on the front end of your business, anytime you want, with the ability to add more.

Enroll new soul-aligned clients into your program every month, without spending hours of your life on marketing, creating financial consistency and stability.

… As you receive more you are able to allow yourself to be more supported and create opportunities for others. Allowing you to focus on your zone of genius and to have more time for yourself and your loved ones.

Trust yourself, and claim your worth as you see the impact of your work in your clients’ lives, and know with certainty that you will meet your financial goals.

have a business that takes care of you and gives you freedom and peace of mind.

You’ll be able to use the assets you’ve created time and time again, so you can focus on serving your highest level clients and grow to six-figure years with confidence and ease.

In The Infinite Prosperity Collective, you will confidently create consistent £10k – £30k – £50k months, plus windfalls on demand any time you want, whilst impacting your clients at the deepest level.

You’ll streamline your business model so that you have a system that you can rinse and repeat with the confidence and certainty of welcoming onboard your dream clients (without spending hours on sales calls or with complicated funnels).

But its REAL power lies in its ability to create ongoing relationships with your clients…

Imagine knowing that you have income coming in for the months ahead so that you are marketing from a place of already having the bills taken care of.
Most coaches and healers have no clue how to magnetise and market in a way that attracts clients to them effortlessly.

Within the first 90 days, YOU will have your first windfall, and you’ll be set up to easily fill your £1k – £5k – £10k programs, anytime you want!

All of the above in and of itself can EASILY bring you a return of multi-six figures over time – when you use the templates I’m handing you.

You’ll activate the alchemy of the leadership & wealth consciousness of the coach who magnetises high-achievers who pay ultra-premium fees – and calls them in, anytime she chooses.

You’ll combine energetically aligned business strategies plus expand your capacity to hold more.

The Infinite Prosperity Collective Featuring The Wealth Portal is the real “alchemy” behind my clients’ quantum leaps in business.

All within a collective of transformational leaders like you, who are committed to living at their highest potential and living the life of their dreams.

Imagine having an easy, predictable way to create £10k – £30k – £50k months…whenever YOU choose… and WITHOUT needing to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads!

Here’s what you will get in Infinite Prosperity Collective

Over the next 12 months…

● You will break through your upper-income limit and expand your capacity to hold more money through The Wealth Portal. Having complete confidence that you can hit your financial goals, even if you never have before, and without coming up against your stuff.

● You’ll implement The Profitable Masterclass Strategy and create your first live masterclass that gives you the thrill of having windfalls on-demand and stacking payments in advance so bills are taken care of months ahead, and you can choose your marketing cycle with ease and grace.

● You’ll enroll clients into your programs while establishing your leadership position in your niche. By giving your ideal client a transformative result, you’ll create ongoing demand for working with you. You choose your terms and fees (without fear of having to drop your prices) and sell with a much shorter sales cycle.

● You will call forward your most valuable clients into your ongoing invitations, who get so much return on their investment that they want to continue to rise with you, and happily work with you for 2 years or more.

● You’ll get cash flowing by mastering the Invitation Formula that empowers you (or a team member) to sign up clients via email or Messenger. You only get on the phone when you choose to, giving you hours of time back for you.

● And instead of pouring hours – months – days that you’ll never get back into complicated tech to create webinars, or tripwire £27 sales, or on long sales calls (with people who aren’t ready to buy)…

…you’ll use a super-simple strategy and the frequency of your human wifi to easily enroll new clients who will become treasured customers, and flow into your other programs and offerings, just by expanding your leadership and wealth consciousness and having a simple branded rinse and repeat system that you use, any time you choose.

If you’re done with having all your family time sucked into your business, you are done with scattergun marketing and hoping for the best, or the webinar that takes you 3 months to plan for and implement without the impact you desire… get excited, because we’re here to help you scale to 5 figure+ months without any of those drains.

Got a webinar, mini-program, or “tiny offer” already up and running, and you don’t want to fiddle with it? Or maybe you’re creating a legacy of impact like me, and you already reap the benefits of webinars, ads, mini-courses, and all the rest?

Great! We can use The Profitable Masterclass Strategy to increase your client enrollments, create more time for your life, and – of course! – all of that will add £10k… then £30k… then £50k per month, when you’ve got it aligned and dialed in.

What really creates quantum leaps, over and above “the how,” is the frequencies of your human wifi – the key energies that make up your Wealth Consciousness, and how you can use your frequency and leadership to fill up your programs and for your clients to rise and have epic results.

It’s given me the confidence to take my passion out into the world. My business has completely transformed.

I’m on my way to what I call financial freedom, I can take time off now without everything falling on its arse!

I made my money back that I invested in IPC within 90 days – more than that!

I had a high five-figure launch and for the first time I know I am going to hit this year’s financial target.

So Thank you so much!

I joined because I knew you were a master at marketing and sales with love. And I remember messaging you Louisa going OMG after my launch when the first client paid in full for her 6 months programme. Like Wow! It was such a big jump for me!

As part of The Infinite Prosperity Collective you’ll receive: 

Training Calls 

You get immediate access to all systems and templates, so you can put them to work right away.

This is for ALL the scripts, templates, swipe copy, energy alignment, and manifesting activations, including a simple business model to start bringing in the windfall in 90 days or less… WITHOUT the procrastination or the overwhelm that is keeping you stuck.

You’re also invited to use our quarterly, monthly, and weekly implementation systems, including quarterly planning and group implementation time. ( Value £25,000)

Akashic Records Activations & Group Q and A Calls

We will gather over Zoom 3 times a month to support you as you work through any challenges and stuff that comes up, receive Akashic Records Activations to raise your frequency to be in resonance with your mission, for manifesting and answering your questions along the way and we have a lot of fun too!

Accountability & Integration

You’ll have a 1-1 monthly accountability call with our program director, Gill Kearney. ( Value £10,000)

Integration is a key part of the transformation, and we have created space for this with no calls over August and during the Christmas period and spring holidays. This time is created for space with your families and integration. Typically we have no call on the last week of the month and keep this as a week for integration. ( £12,000) 

Private Forum 

A private forum for e-coaching and integration of learning with other soul-aligned high achievers, coaches, healers, and mentors. ( Priceless)

Membership Site

Our training calls, frameworks, activations, and call recordings are all housed in a private membership site for your ease. ( Value £2,000)

Quarterly ImplementationWeeks 
This is a focused time to implement at least one project that will move your business forward each quarter, such as creating your ongoing program, your live workshop series to roll more people into your introductory program, and implementing a relationship marketing campaign, and all the things.

Together as a Collective, we create space in our calendars and give our VA’s and team members a heads up, so we can create an energy vortex of everyone working together, propelling everyone forward, with easy speed. We do this with structured accountability and check-ins, over Zoom and in the group.

This way, you can plug in without having to adjust your diary. Sharing and witnessing each other’s wins creates massive momentum.

Collaboration with Other Prosperity Leaders

Infinite Prosperity is a collective of members leading with go-giver energy, who recognise their networth is reflected in their network and that by leading with giving, they will, in turn, receive (it is a Universal Law). Members of the Collective actively collaborate, create partnerships and friendships that are priceless. ( Value Priceless!)

My brain bandwidth, frequency, and expertise. Even when I’m not on the calls.

With over a decade in developing multi-million pound services and 8+ years of facilitating programs, I’ve likely dealt with everything a client will ever throw at you. Plus creating profitable businesses is one of my areas of genius.

You’ll get support from me between calls within the Facebook group so that you always know your next step.

BONUS: Online Annual Mastermind Retreat!

Powerful magic happens when we gather together! So we host an annual BONUS gathering for 2 days of love seat masterminding.

If you love focused time for you and your business then these are for you! (AND we’ve designed the program so that this is optional – you’ll still get your windfalls on demand and add that recurring revenue, whether you’re at the retreat or not.)

These are held online over Zoom in 2022.The dates are 6th and 7th October 2022. ( Value £2,000)

Access to complimentary programmes

We start with immediate access to the entire Infinite Prosperity Library, which includes training on our profitable masterclass strategy, calls, and recordings.

Then you get access to my other programmes:

Soulful Business Mastery ( Your business toolkit, includes sales training, copywriting toolkit, and systems training to scale to multi six figures ( Value £8888) …..and….

Your Impassioned Life ( energy alignment programme for all areas of life ( Value £4444).

You’ll get the content as you ask for it,so you don’t get overwhelmed.

My Akashic Record Guides have guided me that the next level purpose of my business is to help more spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs to make a greater impact and have the wealth that they desire.

So I’m excited to invite you to Infinite Prosperity Collective.

Your next step, is to submit your request for your invitation below, and I’ll make sure it is a fit for you, and share your options and available bonuses with you – and we’ll take it from there.

Spiritual high-achieving women coaches, healers, and mentors who are ready to grow to multi six figures and beyond and want to keep it SIMPLE. We’ll give you an ultra-efficient business model that creates recurring income while delivering maximum return on investment and giving you freedom and peace of mind.

Spiritual high-achieving coaches, healers, mentors who are ready to grow their service-based transformational business or have been in business for a while and want to take it to multi six figures with easy speed.

Great question! You’ve most likely been selling a 1-1 program already. We’ll review what is working and guide you in creating a program that delivers your clients’ transformational results, with a pathway for them to continue working with you as they grow.

Yes. Many of our clients work with us to call in their next level of client. With your leadership energy, the profitable masterclass strategy, and the right invitation, you will magnetise them to you, and they will reach out to you and sign up.

Group or private is up to you. Our clients do both. Both work well.

No. We’ve had clients enroll clients for everything from energy alignment, parenting, business, personal development, mental wellbeing, health, working with astrology for success to spiritual leadership.

Yes. We will teach you the alchemy of growing your audience in an aligned way for you, attracting your ideal client to you, and developing your skills so that you always know how to enroll new clients into your programs.

The Akashic Records, also known as the “Book of Life,” hold the energetic imprint of
everything in the Universe. Based in Source Consciousness and unconditional love.
They contain the record of your soul’s journey and wisdom from past lives and karmic contracts.

We will tap into your own Akashic Record and you will be able to access this Source of unconditional love, truth, and wisdom so you can navigate your next level with the
highest frequency and insight available.

This is the only program focused on implementing aligned business strategies combined with expanding your capacity to hold more money.

The Infinite Prosperity Collective Features The Wealth Portal. In the Wealth Portal
component you will break through your money ceiling with the combination of our
unique energy alignment and manifesting modality – The Helix Method and The Akashic Records.

The Helix Method creates rapid transformation by dissolving trauma and subconscious blocks in a nanosecond so that you bring yourself into energetic alignment with all levels of your consciousness and the identity of your future self making your manifestations inevitable.

It is a method that once you learn you can use across all areas of your life -for life.

The Helix Method combined with accessing the Akashic Records allows you to receive downloads and guidance without your belief filters and level of consciousness – it’s like a direct line to what you really need to know so you know longer have to worry if you are on the right path, and have a deeper commitment to living your most fulfilled life.

The Records gives you access to the unfiltered wisdom of Source Consciousness. I have been doing energy alignment and intuitive work for years and have never experienced anything like the clarity and wisdom I receive from reading the Records.

I would be really gutted if you DON’T feel completely satisfied. So we are not going to
let that happen.

Soooo… as long as you’re taking aligned action in a timely fashion to
attract new clients, ( in the way we layout) and taking 100% responsibility for your

… keep in communication with me and tell me how you are doing, and if you aren’t
satisfied with how things are progressing, we’ll devise a plan for you to get the value that
you have paid for.

The guarantee doesn’t apply if you disappear, manifest a healing crisis, go into deep
processing or healing, or suddenly decide that The Infinite Prosperity “isn’t in alignment”
anymore. We invest a lot in YOU, so I expect you to work through any resistance that
comes up so that you can receive the results you desire.

Depending on what your price point is, you’re going to have the entire investment
BACK, elevated your wealth consciousness so that you allow more in and skills including
launching with a proven converting 5-day masterclass series all-inclusive system, creating
customers for life, attracting and enrolling clients that will last a lifetime, in very short

How do you get one of the spots?

DM us here saying you’d like an invitation to The Infinite Prosperity Collective and we’ll take it from there. Speak soon! 

Email Us Here For Your Invitation

I just have a couple of questions for you to help me make sure you can easily create your quantum leap in your business during the programme 🙂 I’ve popped them below – this just helps me to get to know where you are in business and if we can help.