Why Your Family Want You To Quit

We’ll tell ourselves all kinds of stories about why we should stay in a career that’s sucking the life out of us.

I’ll be honest with you… I did it. 

I told myself that I was staying in the job I really didn’t like anymore, to provide security for my family.

The thing is, that wasn’t strictly true – when you unpack it. Firstly, security is something that we create in so many other ways than through the way we earn a living.

The truth was, I wanted my kids to feel secure in the way I was showing up for them physically and emotionally as well as financially. 

I wanted my kids to actually see their mum’s face at the dinner table every night.

I wanted my kids to know they could come to me with their problems without me being frazzled, exhausted and unable to give them my full care and attention.

I wanted my kids to see that I was secure in who I was, so that they could model my behaviour and be strong, happy and self-assured out in the world.

But how could I teach my kids to be themselves, to be self-reliant and happy if I couldn’t do that for myself?

Knowing how to make yourself happy, take care of your health and create the results you desire in life…. now that’s what I call security!

That’s the kind of security that provides so much more freedom than the number of pounds in a pension account.

I’m sharing this with you as an invitation to examine the stories you’re telling yourself about why you’re not doing things differently.

It’s a choice to leave the burnout and fraught relationships behind you. 

But you have to shine a light on the excuses first. 

Are you ready to talk through what’s been keeping you where it’s not working – so you can finally break out and feel connected to yourself, your life and your family?

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