When You Don’t Like What You See Around You

Feeling lonely? Disconnected? Worried about the future?

When you don’t like what you see in your life around you, it’s simply a result of the actions you have been unwilling to take. 

Life is simple really.

That doesn’t make it easy to change our action though! I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars creating support systems to change my own action. 

It’s what lead me to specialise as an Energy Alignment Practitioner – mastering tools to make the tiny but powerful inner tweaks needed to easily create momentum in health, wealth and happiness. 

These are simple changes. But boy can we get good at resisting them!

The liberating truth is, however, that we ALWAYS have the power to change. Now I know – if I don’t like what I’m seeing in my life – there’s a shift that needs to happen internally. 

It’s always always the inner work that creates the outer results.

Once we shift what we believe in, what we’re afraid of and what we’re focusing on… we open up all kinds of new avenues to smoothly and easily taking action to create the things we most desire to experience next.

Our success depends on our ability to see things differently.

All those thoughts, emotional patterns and lifestyle habits that create your current reality… THESE are the details that require strategic shifts.

Being stuck in fear and worry creates contraction = staying stuck. Being open to guidance to release all of that is where the shiny new ideas, action and momentum can come in.

Is this making sense to you? What’s your number one fear that’s stopping you from making the change you can’t stop thinking about? I’d love to know, hit reply and tell me your #1 answer.



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