What Your Fear Is Really Telling You

It’s easy to get overworked. 
It’s easy to sacrifice our health.
It’s easy to sacrifice our relationships.
… It’s actually pretty normal. 
Many people are doing it. 

It’s not easy to face our fears and do things differently to how we’ve been doing things up until now.

Change is not easy. Why?

Because our brain hates change. It wants more of the same. More safety. More of the known and less of the mystery.

The mystery of the unknown has got danger written aaaall over it!

The walking away from the job you don’t love….
The facing up to the truth of a relationship that’s clearly not working….
The launching into that dream career you’ve been talking yourself out of your entire life…

All the ‘what ifs’… 
All the doubt and uncertainty… 
…just the idea of it can feel even more painful than staying put in a job that’s running you into the ground,
…Or a relationship you checked out of years ago
…Or another year of skipping dinner time with the kids.

The one thing you want the most will always be the one thing you’re most afraid of reaching for…

We’re built to expand and progress and grow. 
Stagnation doesn’t feel good for a very good reason. 
But unfortunately it can be difficult to grow when everyone else around us has bought into the story of a false sense of security… 
All those stories only serve to keep us safe from facing our fear and leaping into the change we’re craving….

They’re a big cover for the fact that we’re deeply afraid. 
Afraid that we might fail.
Afraid that we might succeed. 
Afraid that everything could change.

Sometimes all we need is a mirror to reflect back to us that, yes, you are capable. Yes, you can have what you desire. Yes, it is possible. For just long enough for you to believe it and to take action and make it real. 

Are you ready to face your fear with the loving support that makes it easier?

Or are you going to keep sitting on that dream for a better life and letting your fear run the show?

Book your free breakthrough session today to put an end to staying stuck with your fear. What do you have to lose?

We’re all scared of change. The difference between the people who get what they want from life and the one’s that don’t, is that they make it easier to act in spite of their fear. If you’re ready to feel supported in making the road to what you want a smoother one – Book your free breakthrough session today