What That Feeling In Your Stomach Is Telling You

Are you listening to the messages your body is trying to send you?

We can become experts at ignoring our symptoms and ‘getting on with it’. It’s funny how we can endure so much discomfort when it comes to skipping a good night’s sleep, overriding our needs, pushing through another hour of work…

… Yet the discomfort of being honest with ourselves is something we’ll run from for years and years!

Facing that kind of discomfort can lead to the most wonderful changes, while bringing new levels of freedom and fulfilment…. but, heck, let’s work another late night and keep doing things like we’ve always done them because it’s easier…?!?!

My deteriorating health was a big part of my wake up call to switch my career.

The symptoms of stress were starting to show up more frequently as digestive issues, low quality sleep, frequent worrying. 

My body was telling me loud and clear that the direction I was moving in simply wasn’t serving me. 

But instead of listening and making the change, I convinced myself that these were a normal part of life for a very long time.

… That anxious feeling. 
The digestive discomfort. 
Dry skin. 
Lack of focus. 
The never-ending ‘busyness’ in my mind, body and life. 

It wasn’t working for me, that’s for sure. But it can seem so normal because everyone else around us is often experiencing the same thing.

But it’s not normal at all.

Living a life you love, that allows you to live life to the full and take care of your health… that’s normal. You get to choose that. You get to deeply care for yourself and create the space to listen to your body when it’s crying out for your attention. 

Your body holds all the answers. 

When things aren’t going smoothly, your body will be the first one to tell you about it! So, please listen. If all you can figure out to do is stop and make some space to listen…. do that. 

If it feels frightening and scary to actually acknowledge that you want something different, have the courage to do that and TRUST you are capable of change. 

The price you pay for ignoring the symptoms is way more scary than facing up to the change you crave. 

Are you ready to talk about it?