love your body, love your soul, love your life

People often ask me, ” What does Trifolium mean?” So I thought I’d tell you!

Trifolium is the Latin name for Clover. Why would I launch a business with the Latin name for Clover?

Well, back in 2016 when I left my full time job and I was stepping out into the entrepreneurial world full time I sought advice from a Branding Expert. None other than Sue Redden from Rare Skills Set.

We were going through the consultation process, and Sue was interviewing me to understand my values, the services I wanted to provide and where I saw my business going. When one night before one of our meetings I had a really vivid dream.

My dream was weird (as your best dreams are!) I had a dream that I had to go to Sue’s house for our meetings on developing my brand. In my dream Sue lived in a big house on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Now Sue was kindly having me to stay over for a few days whilst we did the work. Each day we needed to go to her office – which was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. So, we would set off each day down the very tiny path on the cliff face and make our way down, it was terrifying, the path was very crumbly and breaking away as we went down. Sue was walking ahead confidently and safely. I had no idea how to get down safely- unless I followed Sue. Which of course I did, and Sue dutifully led me safely down the path each day to get to her office to develop the brand.

Now to spice it up, each day that I woke up and drew back the curtains in my bedroom the view changed. The first day it was the Grand Canyon, the second day it was somewhere completely different but looked very like the picture with the tall spires, and then on the third day, the day when the brand was to be revealed I drew back the curtains to see clover fields. It was the day of the big reveal and everything felt calm and right.

Obviously I told Sue this. It was a crazy dream, I realised where some of it had come from ( I had been to the Grand Canyon earlier that year and obviously I was stretching my comfort zone and my subconscious was shouting loudly at me!)

So that was it. Sue went off and developed a range of incredible brands for me, and came back with some options, and in there was ” Trifolium”. She said I couldn’t ignore your dream. I’m so glad she didn’t. And Trifolium was born.

The triad brand statement represents a three faceted approach to life.

Common to each facet is the idea of love. Represented by a heart. By linking the love, it brings the three approaches to life together.

The three ‘loves’ inseparable, each facet can only exist in accordance with the other two.

The three hearts make up the leaves of a Trifolium Repens, where the leaves meet is a small triangle further emphasising the three-faceted approach.

My Lifestyle Coaching has three facets, love your body with inner and outer health with Arbonne, love your body and soul with my Pranic Healing and Energy Alignment Work, by transforming your thoughts, emotions and energy to align with your purpose and passion so that you attract better health, opportunities, people and abundance and love the life you live.

So next time you see a three leaf clover think of how you

love your body, love your soul, love your life.

Much love,

Louisanna x

For brand development I used Sue Redden from the Rare Skills Set: 

For that spark of creativity I used Martin Webber Graphic Design:

Both in Tunbridge Wells UK and not the Grand Canyon!