Do you know what your 3 most limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck?

When you remove limiting beliefs, emotions and patterns that have been keeping you stuck your energy moves from resistant energy, where things feel hard, not going as well as they could, to in flow energy.

By changing your thoughts and emotions, this affects the electromagnetic waves you are giving out, and what you attract into your life. The most important gift you can give to yourself, is be in flow.

Once you’ve cleared the limiting belief you need three secret ingredients in your alignment using the Energy Alignment Method ( EAM ®)  to use a concise choice of positive words describing how you want to feel, a clear visualization as you are saying the statement, that matches the corresponding feeling.

Most people don’t understand this when it comes to aligning they just say the words but have no visualization and no feeling.

So for example if I say “I love money”, that is a concise choice of positive words.

Now when I say the word in my mind it knows I’m talking about me when I say the word I love, my mind knows that “she likes it” “she enjoys it”, “here’s her son” that’s what love means to her.

Now when I say the word money. My mind gets confused because it’s searching my entire hard drive, my entire subconscious from the day I was born for every occurrence of the word money.

It’s found pennies, the £1 coin, the £5 notes, the £10 notes, the £20 notes,  the £50 pound notes, the American dollars, the Canadian dollars.

It’s even found the ½ penny ( do you remember those?!)

It’s confused and thinks I have no idea. So words alone are not enough.

That’s why we have visualizations. When I say I love money and I visualize money flowing towards me. My mind goes oh that’s what she’s talking about. “She loves money, she loves money flowing towards her”.  So that is why concise words, with visualisation and feeling is so important.

The key to unlocking this is the feeling.

Feeling is emotion, and emotion is energy. This pattern you are feeling is vibrating at a certain frequency.

Fear, Powerless, Guilt and Anger are vibrating at a certain frequency. You remove this frequency, and go into your subconscious and create a pattern and infuse it with energy that’s vibrating at the frequency of the things you want to attract. Like Love, Joy, Freedom, Abundant. You can attract things of a similar nature to it.

So, with step 5 of the Energy Alignment Method we go into our subconscious, align to the concise choice of positive words, hold a clear visualization, and infuse it with feeling as we say it. It starts to vibrate in our subconscious  with that new pattern at that frequency. Now it attracts anything of that new similar vibration or similar frequency towards it.

What patterns can you see in your life? What emotions are these emitting, what frequency are they vibrating at? May people will talk about wanting to shift patterns with money mindset, confidence, and relationships.

To give you an example with relationships. This may resonate if you have noticed some patterns you want to change here.

Jane dates John and they go out for two years, they have great intimate relationship. They break up, and John hangs out with his friends to get over the relationship. Jane immerses herself in shopping and wine therapy with her girlfriends for six months and then thinks finally I’m over him.

Jane starts dating again. Who does she attract into her life? Quite often a similar guy,  you know different person but they are the same vibration, the same type of person.

So many people say I keep attracting the same type of person into my life.

This is because when Jane dates John, Jane has two years of a relationship with John  vibrating at the frequency of John. John dates Jane and John has two years relationship of this same frequency. Jane has vibrations, emotional experiences that are vibrating the frequency of John in her subconscious, so when Jane goes to date, who does she attract, she attracts another John,  only with a different name, this one is called David. He has a similar frequency to John.

Energy doesn’t know how to discriminate what is good for you and what isn’t good for you. It’s just energy drawing anything of a similiar frequency to you.

So if you know how the subconscious works and you know how to programme it using the Energy Alignment Method, using clear concise words, visualisation and feeling with a big alignment step. Then you can bring into your life anything you want.

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