Welcome to Your Impassioned Life!

I am so thrilled to have you on board. Can I say a huge Congratulations on saying YES to changing your life. You are about to begin a life changing journey of personal transformation.

Using Energy Psychology to transform your energy, thoughts and emotions so that you attract better people, opportunities and abundance into your life.

Please take these important first steps

1.We should have already added you to our private Your Impassioned Life Mastermind Facebook Group where you can socialize with other Impassioned Life members. You will find the group here.

2. Plan to attend the live Q&A Calls with me.

  • The LINKS to join the calls are posted in this website under the Live Calls section.
  • On these calls you have the opportunity to speak with me, have your questions answered, work on something energetically together, share your wins and your challenges, and to hear from your like minded impassioned lifers on this journey with you.
  • Instructions on how to join the calls using zoom are also available in the Live Calls section.

3. Access new Modules every week. Each 7 days a new Module will open up including a Workbook and a Video. You can work through the course at your own pace.

5. Watch My Introduction to The Energy Alignment Method- an Energy Psychology we will use to transform your thoughts, emotions and energy so that you change your experience of life.

What happens when the programme is over? 

You have access to Your Impassioned Life Membership site for the lifetime of the product. At the end of your 4 month programme, you will graduate from the Q and A Calls and Coaching Calls.

I’m honoured to be your coach and thrilled to have you on board!

Much love,

Louisa Havers