Have you ever tripled your income?

Tina Hull has. 

Tina loves being able to work online anywhere in the world.
And to her surprise… her business was growing from the 5-day Aligned to Wealth Masterclass, so she joined The Wealth Portal.
She had done a lot of mindset work on money before but hadn’t done anything on the energetics.
She discovered some surprising subconscious resistances that she was able to release, and as a result attracted more clients to her and resulted in tripling her income whilst she was in the programme.
She then jumped into The Akashic Records Certification Programme to offer Akashic Records Readings for her Clients.
And now, with the increased income growth, a deeper connection spiritually has huge self-trust and confidence. Resulting in more fulfillment and joy within her business. 
Testimonial for The Wealth Portal.