How would it feel to start up your business and have payments stacked in advance for your bills?

Let Stef Skupin tell you!

Stef has a veterinary medical background and helps health care professionals and healers manage their stress in their career.

Her business was effectively a start-up at the beginning of the year and not making any money. She took the Free Aligned to Wealth Masterclass…..all of a sudden she had money coming in.

She decided she wanted to break through her income ceiling and knew something needed to shift so she jumped into The Wealth Portal.

Her breakthrough came towards the end of The Wealth Portal as she saw how much resistance she was carrying towards being financially responsible for earning money for her family.

She was surprised to find that within 2 weeks of releasing that resistance she got consistent requests for work that are allowing her to pay her bills 2 months in advance.

Stef continues her growth and is loving the continued support of the community, and the friendships made.

Watch her story HERE:

Stef Skupin

Testimonial for The Wealth Portal