From no sales for 6 months to 3 in the first 6 weeks of the Wealth Portal.

After viewing a Masterclass with Louisa Havers I had no hesitation in ‘jumping in’ to The Wealth Portal and I am really glad that I did.

Louisa is very genuine and generous with her insights and wisdom and her Akashic activations are beautiful and enlightening, filled with love and light.

Before joining, I was stuck and stagnating in my Art business and now I know that there are limitless possibilities and opportunities available to me.

I have received 3 painting sales from galleries in the first 6 weeks of the programme, while I had none in the previous 6 months!

The collective energy of The Wealth Portal private members FB group has been very open and supportive, sharing ideas and wins and I look forward to continuing this frequency of ‘new found friends’ in the Alumni FB group.

If you are open and curious I would truly recommend diving into The Wealth Portal, it has changed my life and it can for you!

Jackie Philip M.A

Testimonial for The Wealth Portal