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The Wealth Blueprint Series

Akashic Records Activation Bundle
Your Wealth Blueprint Bundle includes 3 Activations...

Activate & Align to your Wealth Blueprint
Activate The Wealth Codes of Consciousness & Gateways
Activating Quantum Leaps in Your Wealth 

For 48 Hours Only - Only $57
(Retail $120 - Value $540)

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When you are activating your Soul blueprint in the Akashic Records you are accessing yourself at a Multidimensional level. Which allows you to align with your preferred and most abundant timelines.

These activations will bring your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body into alignment with Soul blueprint and your wealth blueprint so that you create quantum leaps in your wealth manifesting.

In receiving these high-frequency energies, your light body will harmonize with future wealth frequencies outside of time and space activating quantum leaps in your wealth consciousness so that you master the art of manifesting with ease.

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