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Are you ready to break through your money ceiling and to have exponential success?

Without spending hours each day going down an energetic rabbit hole, without frazzling your nervous system, or without adding a whole bunch of work to your plate!

Imagine being able to...

  • Have complete confidence that you will hit your financial goals.
  • Have people reaching out to you with new amazing opportunities.
  • Having consistency with new clients booking in, gives you goosebumps!
  • Serve more people with your soul work and feel excited as you generate more cash flow.
  • Relax your nervous system as you see zeros rise in your bank account instead of feeling triggered or wondering if it is all going to go away.
  • Allow more money in and allow more support in. As you receive more you create more opportunities for others to support you, allowing you to stay focused on the bits that you love and have more time for yourself and your family.

You’ll know exactly how to reset your wealth default set-point and calibrate to a new financial goal any time you want… regardless of what is going on in the world!

The Wealth Portal Club will create fast, predictable results, any time you want because being in flow is key to your success. It will support you with making your business an ASSET to call in your next level of income at any time you choose!

It’s your time now…

"Clearing my money fog using Louisa’s methods worked. During that week, literally out of the blue, I got a call to offer me a contract for a year. Not my dream job yet easy and how great it is to have a steady income. Of course, it came to exactly 10k per month 💥💥💥
Wealth Portal takes that energy clearing and wealth consciousness to a whole new level."

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Gillian Viljoen
Business Leadership Coach

"I’d been struggling with money a long time. This was the piece I hadn’t worked on which was the energetics. I had done a lot of mindset stuff, money programmes, but I needed to come down into the heart and do the energy work.

Well, I tripled my income which was so exciting! It was brilliant!"

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Tina Hull
Energy Healer, Akashic Records Consultant and Coach

"Within 2 weeks of that piece (releasing the resistance) I started to have a continuous flow of requests for work that has allowed me to pay my bills two months in advance!

I am so grateful for the path of growth and the community. I’ve really made friends within the programme. We have stayed in touch. This is the first programme where that has happened!"

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Stef Skupin
During our time together you will learn the REAL ‘secret elixir’ behind my clients’ success as well as:
Say bye-bye to all the subconscious blocks in your nervous system that are holding you back.
Activate your next level and become in resonance with your highest level. And you’ll be set up to easily elevate your income again, anytime you want…Wahoo!

Have a predictable way to break through your upper-income limit anytime you choose and call in your next big payday WITHOUT self-sabotage or losing belief in yourself.
Get certainty and faith in your path ahead as we get to the root of your blocks! 
Dissolve trauma and subconscious blocks in a nanosecond so that you bring yourself into energetic alignment with all levels of your consciousness and make your manifestations inevitable.
Magnetise the clients who pay ultra-premium fees.
All of the above in and of itself can EASILY bring you a return of multi-six-figures over time with the use of the scripts and activations I am giving you!

When you say ‘YES’ to breaking through your money ceiling and join us in the Wealth Portal Club, we will get started straight away and you will get instant access to:

Transformational Training (Value $12,000)

Our Transformational Training and Helix Method Manifesting rituals and energetic protocols guide you through how to identify and release the hidden blocks and resistances, release hidden financial and goal trauma, and how embody the identity of your next level so that your manifestation becomes inevitable.

With checklists, you know exactly what steps to take to have your breakthrough and maintain your up-level.

These are all housed in a private membership site for your ease. AND… this is big …include access to my personal contacts for investment opportunities, so as the surplus grows you have more opportunities available to you to make money work for you!

PLUS these juicy bonuses for all!

Bonus #1: A Bank Balance Akashic Records Activation. Infuses light codes and frequencies into your bank balance so that it magnetizes money to it. (Value $272)

Bonus #2: Client Attraction Made Easy. Our client attraction acceleration toolkit will give you strategies that you can implement straight away to boost your client attraction and create cash now! These trainings are a bonus for you from our Infinite Prosperity Collective Business Mastermind. (Value $540)

Bonus #3: The Wealth Portal Money Codes. Over 100+ codes for six and seven-figure CEOs on cash flow, savings, investing, alignment with the higher self, allowing in support, offers and pricing, client attraction, collapsing and leveraging time and so much more! (Value $540)

Bonus #4: A Manifesting Classic Audiobook. Read by Louisa. Listen to these manifesting classic and timeless principles to elevate your consciousness. (Value $57)

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Total programme value including bonuses is over $14k!

What’s the investment?

Let’s face it there are a lot of cookie-cutter programs out there where you are working through a curriculum along with hundreds and hundreds of other people for over a year. Where you are paying $12k to $24k for the opportunity to see if that coach’s approach is aligned with you.

You know that this isn’t for you at this stage of your business.

I’ve doubled my income and my client’s income results by doing my own program, and taking my clients through this very Wealth Portal.

And this year, I am guided to help high achievers create a greater impact and have more wealth. That’s why I was inspired to make this a really easy yes for you.

Your 6-Month Membership for only $120 per month:

  • Access to our private membership site which includes our transformational training, frameworks, activations, and meditations is all housed in a private membership site for your ease.
  • After your 6 months period, you are able to continue with access to all the content on a rolling month to month basis. 
  • Note: You are able to cancel after 6 months anytime in the month up to 5 days before the next payment is due, simply email us at 
  • You have direct access to the full programme straight away. As per our refund policy, there are no refunds.
  • Once your membership is complete, there is no ongoing access to The Wealth Portal membership site.     
I'm In!
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If you require more personal energy coaching, Akashic Records activations, and access to Louisa personally via the live calls, you can opt-in to upgrade to The Wealth Portal Live at any time via our membership site or email.
NOTE: Should you wish to continue your experience with us monthly in The Wealth Portal Program once your initial program has completed, you will be able to sign up for our Monthly Membership by clicking here, however please note once a monthly amount has been charged it cannot be refunded and if you choose to cancel it, you need to do it 5 days before it is set to charge you for the next month.