How do you harness the power of the Universe that is within you?

Here are some simple things you can do to become more intuitive and receptive and in tune with the subtle energies.

  • Open your mind to the truth, guidance and infinite possibilities that working with energy can give you.
  • Meditate as much as possible, at least a little bit a day. You will achieve a level of consciousness that is far more open to receiving.
  • Do some deep breathing every hour or two.
  • Affirm that you are open, capable and deserving of receiving.
  • Get out of your head and live in your heart.

I have got more intuitive with the increased meditation that I do to support my own energy so I can be of service to others and living in a more heart centred way.

As we work within the realms of subtle energies we can gain intuitive hits or downloads that are accurate beyond the explanation of our heads. It is our heads that so often will try and discredit it, saying things like it can’t be that easy, it makes no logical sense, I think I’m making myself sway when I use the muscle test, its not really real.

Our heads then block ourselves from connecting with the subtle energies and from building trust and confidence.

We are all connected by energy, and all have access to the super consciousness that exists within us.

You may have heard of The Akashic Records, it sounds very mysterious, but simply think of it is an energy of information about your past, present and future that is all around you and within you, that you can tune into to guide and support you on your journey.

“The Akashic Records can be defined as a vibrating field of information about the energetic and natural worlds, about your own soul and eternal existence and about every soul consciousness throughout time. The records span eternity and hold every bit of Universal information- from the wisdom of ancient societies to the discoveries yet to be made in the quantum physical world.” Sandra Ann Taylor, author of  book titled The Akashic Records. 

So how are your past energies or past lives affecting your current experience of life?

How is your present life creating your future life? Are you creating what you want?

If you’d like a gentle way to explore this. Take a listen to this mediation to help you get in tune with your energy field and The Akashic Records and to change the past influences on your current situation.

Choose a focused intentions for your past life investigation, this could be to do with money, relationships, health, just pick one.

Here are some things you might want to consider when choosing your intention.

Patterns – the emotional reactions that repeat in regular patterns of your everyday life, such as anxiety, fear of speaking up for yourself, fear of not being worthy, chronic worry, depression or hopelessness. These are just a few of the patterns that can be sourced from your past life records.

Unhealthy Behaviours – Do you do regular activities that are unhealthy or dishonour you? This might be addictions like alcohol or drugs, or working all the time. These patterns could have its seeds from past life experiences, transforming them in a past life can make it easier to then shift in this life.

Over-attachment- This pattern can manifest in a behaviour like addiction or an attachment to a person or place or experience. This includes relationships that no longer honour you.

My top tips for going back, is to pick one issue to focus on, and not to stress out about the details. Go very much with the flow!

You will review a movie screen in your minds eye that will reveal an event in your records, don’t over analyze, you may just get a snap shot or you may get alot of detail.

Just be open to seeing more, each time you do the meditation. You may feel uncomfortable with what you see, and know now that you have the information you can rewrite that record and move out of the experience that is the source of the present problem.

Release any judgement of yourself and others from what you might see. Know you did the best you could in the situation you were in. Forgive yourself and those around you.

This process is intended to take you to a more empowered, more enlightened view of things, and self forgiveness is an important part of this journey.