The Unexpected Ways You’re Blocking Freedom

Do you have a fear of success?

I’ve been having some great VIP days with clients recently. While digging deep into the underlying factors at play when people feel stuck in a certain area – one thing that never surprises me is this…

… the ways people hold themselves back are never for the obvious reasons!

I mean, sure – fear of success and fear of failure are always there. But it’s always the sneaky totally illogical unconscious reasoning we’ve got going on that trips us up…!

…Some conclusion we came to that’s subconsciously convinced us that going after what we want is completely dangerous and life threatening… that we’ll lose something our subconscious mind has decided is really important.

…That by shifting to that career that makes us happy will result in losing our parents’ approval…. that by earning tons of money, we’ll lose all our friends….

Most of these sneaky beliefs aren’t even true anyway.

But try telling that to your lizard brain who’s convinced that these beliefs are working for you just fine!

And don’t even get me started on the circus of money stories that crop up when clients start transitioning into their dream careers and up-leveling their income! It can get pretty absurd!

But hey, we all have limiting stories about something or another.

And once you decide you’re ready to get unstuck, they’ll quickly surface with a bit of prodding!

What’s the one thing you’d LOVE to experience in life but that you’re feeling a bit stuck on at the moment? Email me at and let me know!