The Uncomfortable Truth About a Happy Life

It takes courage to admit when you’re not happy… to really be honest about how fulfilled you’re feeling in your career, your relationships, your health. 
And to ask yourself: what’s missing?
But having the courage to do that is the doorway to actually getting what you want.
I work with incredibly courageous men and women. Men and women who have the drive to change. Who had the bravery to admit, “I don’t know what I’m doing! I feel stuck! I’m going round in circles here!”
And I’ve been there too! 
The truth is… letting go of the life that simply wasn’t making me happy was not an easy process. 
It meant I had to face up to the regret and frustration I’d been avoiding around not being there for my kids as much as I would have liked.
It meant seeing the hamster wheel of my life for what it is… which was really painful while I was still in it!
It meant recognizing the disconnection in my relationship as a mirror for the disconnection I had with myself. 
It meant paying attention to the health symptoms that were showing up as a result of my stress… and getting very real around the fact that I needed to change something now rather than later.
It was that process of getting really uncomfortable that brought me the drive and motivation I needed to take drastically different action.  
Something that people don’t often talk about is how uncomfortable it can feel when you step into the life you actually want.
It’s easy to sell the story of fun, fulfillment, experiencing deeper levels of love, having great health and feeling in flow with life….
But no one really talks about how uncomfortable the process of letting go of all the other stuff is!
When we’re so busy all the time, we fall on conventional wisdom, which is totally wrong –
…we think that our health will improve if we simply take a break…
…that if we work harder and get better at what we’re already doing, things will start looking up…
The truth is, when we lean on our current conditioning, it only takes us further down the rabbit hole. 
We have to change the record completely. 
You can have what you want. But first you have to admit that you want it. 
So, what does your life look like in an ideal world? I’m giving you permission to go there!
Email me and tell me about it – I’d love to hear!