The Story You’re Telling Yourself

One of the most common fears my clients’ share with me is the not knowing who they will be once they leave the job that has taken over their whole identity. 

I felt exactly the same way. 

I wondered who I was behind the role I’d been playing for long hours every day for years and years. I had no idea how I would even relate to myself without my work to talk about. 

The void can be so totally terrifying.

…. IF we let it be. The danger is that we allow that fear to keep us stuck in the place that isn’t working for us. 

Allowing the fear of the unknown to give us an excuse to drag our feet over the changes we know we want to be making is deadly…. and only ever leads to more resistance and discomfort while we put off the inevitable. 

So we have a choice. We can choose to subscribe to the story that we’re nobody without our current career identity. We can decide that whatever we are behind it all isn’t worth exploring, and stay in the life we know very well.

OR we can embrace the adventure. 

We can decide to leap into the unknown with faith that – whatever the void holds – we’ll give it our best shot at making sure it’s exciting and rewarding. 

And that it’ll be a whole lot more fun than staying in the ‘what ifs…’ or staying in the story that we’re nothing more than a

Who will you be without the stress…?

Without the busyness…?

Without the long days…?

Without the family tension because you’re rarely there…?

What would all of that even feel like?

Tell me… what do you hope you’ll find on the other side of change? 



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