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Become a Helix Method Mentor with our pioneering Energy Psychology Certification Program

Guide your clients to create the epic results they desire so that they can live the life of their dreams. With your reputation for results speaking for itself.
Gifting you with a referral rich coaching practice.

You are here because you want to master energy psychology to help you and your clients have faster results.To have a higher level of transformation so that you can create your biggest contribution with your work.

Imagine being able to...
  • Have complete confidence that your clients can break through their self-sabotage and blockages, without having to spend months of inner work before they see a change
  • Collapse timelines healing across all levels of consciousness and know for certain that your clients will actually get results, leaving them super thankful for the work you did together and giving you glowing referrals
  • Your clients confidently take aligned action towards their goals, knowing that they are creating the life they dared to dream
  • Have confidence in knowing that you don’t have competition in the marketplace as what you offer is so great
  • Have your reputation for results speak for itself, gifting you with a referral-rich coaching practice

I'm going to teach you how to:

  • Energy coach your clients to create fast, predictable results any time they want because being in flow without any resistance or interference is key to their success
  • Gain your clients trust and long-term loyalty
  • Create a pathway for your clients to flow into other programs you offer, creating a business that takes care of you as you contribute to your clients. 
Within our transformational vortex you will learn:
How The Helix Method ® works and why it is different from everything else you’ve ever been taught. (Priceless)
Gain the ability to transform limiting patterns and blockages rapidly for your clients, instead of spending hours of time doing inner work or working with their resistance. ($18,000)
Master foundational and advanced techniques, including how to use the techniques yourself and how to read your client’s energy, working with advanced energetic structures for healing and raising consciousness, healing with holograms and colours, mastering reality creation and advanced energy kinesiology, to show your clients how to say bye-bye to the subconscious blocks in their nervous system and create exponential results. ($12,000)
To highlight and work somatically and energetically with your clients, so they experience master energetics and reality creation. ($6,000)
Powerful frameworks for common client issues that show up when they are in contraction, training on how to work directly with your client’s energy, shifting them out of contractions into greater alignment for their success – in any area of life. ($12,000)
Have the licence to use three programmes that you can just take and use in your business on the prosperity codes of self-love and confidence, health & wellbeing, and wealth. (Over $12,000)
Gain the intuitive methodology to use FOREVER to stay in alignment and 
your manifesting inevitable!

When you teach your clients to master energetics and reality creation with The Helix Method … 
their results are CERTAIN.

..Like our client who broke out of a business plateau, manifesting an income breakthrough and a surprise dream job that was in alignment with her highest level essence.

…Or our client who doubled her monthly income within 6 weeks, which meant she was able to invest in a new training program that gave her skills to offer a new service to her clients creating quantum results for them and continued business growth for her.

…Or our client who healed headaches that she had daily for over 20 years in one session ( and kicked her procrastination to the curb!) resulting in finding a new zest for life and training as a healer and coach.

...Or our client who cleared entities from a home that had plagued the family for years, and they were finally able to have peaceful nights sleep, resulting in more happiness in the home! 

This is what my clients are saying about this programme:

"The Helix Method was what really knocked it out of the park!

It is extremely phenomenal to be able to help people like this."

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Glenda Barber
Spiritual Coach, Advanced Helix Method Mentor, Master Hypnotist, Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher, Creator of The Sacred Harmony Method

"This is the missing puzzle piece for me. You can throw anything at me and I can handle it. I don’t get lost anymore.

It makes me feel really confident."

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Michelle Fernandez
Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Warrior, Advanced Helix Method Mentor, Akashic Records Consultant

"You give us three ready-made programmes, we don’t have to think about them, it’s amazing.

It is extremely powerful. This is like everything in a box, this is something that you can do for yourself and also for your clients. It’s like being an Alchemist it really is!"

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Mandy Morris
Emotional Empowerment Coach, Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher, Advanced Helix Method Mentor, EAM Mentor, Heart Math Mentor

As part of The Helix Method Certification, you’ll receive:

40 + The Helix Method Energetics & Reality Creation Training Videos (Value $10,000) 

These trainings will guide you through the foundational and advanced techniques and three programmes. You also receive step by step worksheets that you can use with your clients.

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30 Laser Focused Coaching & Practice Sessions Calls (Value $10,000)

3 calls a month to deep-dive the application of the training, love seating and answering your questions. So that you are fully supported as you practise what you have learnt with your clients and further develop your skills. We have  integration periods built in over the summer and festive period. The schedule is laid out in the membership site to help you plan ahead! You’ll be fully supported with live experiential coaching for 12 months.

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Private Forum (Priceless)

A private forum for e-coaching and integration of learning with other soul-aligned high achievers, coaches, healers, and mentors.

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Membership Site (Priceless )

Exclusive access to our private member portal with all your training calls, frameworks, activations, and call recordings for your ease.

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Collaboration with Other Coaches (Priceless)

Direct access to grow friendships and collaborations with other high-achieving coaches. Members of the Collective actively collaborate, create partnerships and lifetime friendships.

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Helix Method Licence (Value $6,000)

In registering for The Helix Method you automatically receive the licence to deliver  3 programmes upon your certification within your business.
The programmes are already created so that you can deliver them straight away or add them to your other offerings. They cover self-love and confidence, health and wellbeing, and your wealth consciousness.

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My brain bandwidth and essence. (Priceless)

With over a decade in developing multi-million-pound services and 8+ years of facilitating programmes, I’ve dealt with everything a client will ever throw at you. Plus creating profitable businesses is one of my areas of genius. I understand energy psychology and manifesting really really well and have a track record of clients results.
You’ll be coached and trained directly by me, the Creator of The Helix Method.

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BONUSES for Everyone! 

BONUS #1:  The Wealth Portal Club (Value $1,500)
You’ll be able to use this outstanding 9 module digital programme to breakthrough your money ceiling in 60 days or less. This money consciousness programme is in a class by itself, and you'll enjoy your results and have a licence to teach this too! 

BONUS #2: The Love Codes ( Value $1,000)
You'll be able to experience the thrill of upgrading your relationships for your most actualized, authentic self and accelerate your next level of success. Experience your own transformation in just 6 powerful digital modules so you have your own testimonial for the power of the work you will teach. 

BONUS #3 A feature on Louisa Havers’ website as a Helix Method Mentor. (Priceless)  Once you are certified, you'll be invited to be featured on our website. We'll send you all the juicy details of what's required so that you can benefit from our high performing SEO and positioning yourself as a leader in the transformational space. 
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The Certified Program

The Helix Method is a worldwide accredited program through The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).
You have the opportunity to register with IPHM to become a registered IPHM practitioner of The Helix Method and receive global recognition.

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And if you choose to pay in full, you also will receive these…

BONUS #1: A Helix Method Private Immersion. We can focus on the area you  most desire. Business, relationship, money, health, you decide. These sessions produce massive clarity, and have been known to kickstart massive manifestation and abundance for my clients. In your 60-minute Immersive Session 1:1 with me, receive unexpected insights and activate miracles.  (Value $1,200)

BONUS #2 Your Roadmap to $12k-$60k Months Masterclass. You’ll get clarity on your priorities to attract new clients within the next 30 days, plus our guide for creating your most profitable social media post AND a framework for your own 5 day masterclass launch. (Value $540)

BONUS #3: Copywriting Club: A Toolkit to help you develop your skill in speaking to your ideal clients so that they can find you and benefit from working with you and The Helix Method®, including ideas and examples for social media posts, FB lives, and sales pages, so you know exactly how to lead on social media. (Value $1,500)

BONUS # 4: E3 – The Alchemy in Growing Your Audience. You will get clarity on the energetic principles behind audience growth and an authentic way to add 25-250+ potential clients to your business and £10k+ to your bank account, each and every month. This is a recording from a live event – so you can tune in at a time that suits you. (Value $540)

This training and certification programme will provide you with a pioneering way to create a greater impact with your clients, resulting in them changing the narrative of their life as they experience more growth in their businesses, physical ailments healed, happier family relationships, and so much more.

Now it's your turn.

Are you ready to choose a new reality?

Your Investment

Let's face it there are a lot of programmes out there that are information heavy where you are working through a heavy curriculum along with hundreds and hundreds of other people and the creator doesn't even know you, and you are paying $30k plus for the opportunity to implement the method with your clients.

You know that there is an easier way.

You want to have exactly what you need to create the results for you, your clients and to be mentored personally by me!

That is why I have been inspired to make this a really easy YES for you. And you can choose the most aligned option for you.
Total programme value including bonuses is over $92k!
Retail $15,300

USD Pricing Options:

Pay In Full Saving: $12,750

Payment Plan Options:
- 12 payments of $1,275
- 18 payments of $850
- 2 payments of $7,650 6 Months Apart

Retail £12,000

GBP Pricing Options:

Pay In Full Saving: £10,000

Payment Plan Options:
- 12 payments of £1,000
- 18 payments of £560
- 2 payments of £6,000 6 Months Apart

Choose My Payment Plan & Checkout