It is amazing how your choice of words affect how think about and how you approach something.

Money is one of those topics that some people can feel very funny about. I get to talk about money and our relationship with money with my clients. I am simplifying this, but basically I see that people fall into two schools of thoughts around money, and these stories come from our life experiences, our childhood, our relationships with our mother and father, and our relationship with our self.

One school of thought is of lack. I hear  borrowing money is bad. I sometimes hear people say, I never borrow money, I don’t want to get into “debt”. They feel weird and shameful around money and their perceived lack of it. They think that they must trade time for money in order to have it, and that they shouldn’t use resources available to them to get them to where they want to be. They think ” I can’t afford that” and so they don’t do the thing that would help them expand and grow.

The other school of thought I hear is of abundance, often from successful entrepreneurs or leaders expanding and growing, is that they recognise that they have resources all around them. Money is always available to them, it just might come from a different source then they expected. They will use these resources responsibly to get them to where they want to go. My friend Amanda Moxley who is a successful Business Coach helping women attract the right clients through speaking, told me that she has always felt that debt was Divine Energy Blessing the Dream. I love this. It is so true, an investment that you make into your business is seen as an investment rather then something negative. It provides you with the opportunity to claim your return on your investment ( ROI) so that you can reach more people and make a bigger impact on your life and others. It is a tool to help you get to another level.

We need to release the shame and judgement around money, as these are low emotional vibrations that you are sending out into the universe, and will only bring you more of the same. When you move into a place of releasing the resistance and forgiving yourself and others you can receive more and give more abundantly.

Investor Credit ( Divine Energy Blessing the Dream), whether that is from a personal loan, a credit card, a business loan, a family member is money ( energy). This energy ( money) is used to improve one’s self personally and or professionally, or to buy resources to expand and grow a business. After the investment is made you get your return on your investment. What emotional frequency and vibration are you sending out into the universe as you think of Investor Credit? Do you feel excited? Do you feel expansive? Or are you locked in fear?

Money is an energy exchange, and the words we use reflect our energy around something. The energy around the word debt feels negative where as Investments work for you.

” Life is hard when you don’t do what you truly value because you are putting all your energy into trying to get rid of your fears rather than into materializing your dreams. When you are stuck within your comfort zone, life becomes stifling- and therefore very uncomfortable.” Maria Nemeth. Ph.D

We are responsible for our lives and for opening the doors to opportunity with the resources we have available.

Let me introduce you to Kiva.

Kiva envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others. Kiva provide loans from the community to help change lives. The contributions come from people like you and me. We all put in a little bit, and together it creates a great big pot to help others.

I orginally put into the Kiva pot, just $25 and it has been lent and repaid back over 3 times now. My little contribution, along with many other people doing the same, as created a wonderful pot of monergy ( money energy) to help someone to create an opportunity for themselves and others.

Here is an update of who I contributed towards helping last year.

Gulchehra has paid her loan in full. This loan helped her to pay for her husband’s treatment at the medical clinic. Now her husband feels better. She is thankful to Kiva lenders for their support and help. IMON International – Posted by Gulchehra from Gissar, Tajikistan Jan 22, 2018

Emmanuella has paid her loan in full. This loan helped her to buy a new freezer so she could expand her food stall in Ghana. Emmanuella is 22 years old and lives with her single mother and six siblings in the Bongo district. To earn a living, she runs a business of selling vegetables and fish. Emmanuella used her first Kiva loan to purchase products in bulk and to rent a shop, which helped her increase her profit margin. Emmanuella requested a second Kiva loan to purchase an additional freezer to store her fish and vegetables in order to further increase her profit margin. She plans to use the profits she expects to earn from this loan to further expand her business and to support her family’s daily needs. Emmanuella volunteers as a Camfed Learner Guide, helping local high school students find their own strengths and leading discussion groups about how they can create a better world. The interest on Emmanuella’s social-interest loan will be repaid through her weekly volunteer work.

Aziz Fatima is a 44 year-old married woman. She lives in Sialkot, Pakistan. She supports her family through her tailoring business. She has been working as a tailor for the past 5 years. She is extremely well-known for her work and gets a lot of appreciation from her clients. Currently, she got a Kiva loan to buy some additional raw materials for her business like thread, buttons, laces and pearls but due to financial constraints, as she and her family were unable to do that. Therefore, she has asked for a loan from JWS Pakistan, a field partner of Kiva.

Aziz Fatima is very grateful to Kiva and JWS Pakistan for their help.

Ruben is a young farmer who grows organic avocados in Peru. He started to be in charge of the field after his father passed away last year. Now, as there is not enough water for irrigating the field, he wants to install drip irrigation and save water.

The energy around Kiva is beautiful, the money flows between people, and vibrations are high. Lives are being changed. Kiva is now a core part of my business plan, as I have increased my investment into Kiva this year and will continue to do so.

Would you like to check it out? Kiva gives you the chance to make small loans to borrowers working to start businesses and improve their lives. I’m already lending on Kiva and thought you’d like to join me! Be part of the movement of circulating monergy and helping entrepeneurs around the globe.

How is your relationship with money? Do you love money? A great way to begin to unpick what is going on for you and how to change your money story is to expand your wealth consciousness. You do this by unpicking your thoughts, emotions and beliefs around money.

If you haven’t done anything like this before, this might feel odd to you, but stick with me. This will provide you with context for your mindset and energy work on money.

You will need your journal, and I’d like you to label this exercise, ” My Money Story” . You will need at least half an hour or so to do this exercise.

Start by telling the story of your life using money as your theme. Start with your earliest childhood memory of money and continue right up to the present day. You can use the following questions as prompts to help you get started. If you want to avoid a question, then take that as a strong sign that you need to answer it!

  1. What were your family financial circumstances when you were born?
  2. Did you learn about money from your father or your mother? What did you learn from each?
  3. Did you have an allowance? Did you work for it or were you given it? Were you allowed to spend it as you pleased? If you have children, how has this affected how you handle allowances with them?
  4. When was the first time you bought something? How did you feel?
  5. How did you earn your first paycheck? What did you do with it?
  6. Do you remember ever losing money? What happened? How did you handle it?
  7. Did you have a dream of a particular career? Are you doing this career now? Why or why not?
  8. If your relationship with money were a personal one, how would you describe it. Do you feel fear, guilt, shame, possessive? Or do you feel generous, empowered by it, love having it?
  9. How do you relate to people who have more money then you? How do you relate to people who have less money then you?
  10. What was your mothers relationship with money like?
  11. What was your fathers relationship with money like?
  12. How has their relationship with money affected you?
  13. Have you ever completed an important task or project involving money? What did you do that made it successful?
  14. Have you ever given or received gifts of money? How much? How did you feel?
  15. If you were to characterize your own brand of money story, how would you describe it?
  16. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time from now regarding money? How much have you allocated for savings? How much have you allocated for Investments? How much do you see yourself making in 5 years time?
  17. What are your beliefs around spirituality and financial success?
  18. What do you spend money or and what do you not spend money on?

What other questions can you ask yourself ? If this was a novel, what title would you give this novel that pinpoints your relationship with money?

If you are willing to do this exercise, this alone with start to unlock doors that have restricted the flow of money’s energy into your life.

Raising my wealth consciousness is something I invest in with both my time and resources. I invite my clients to do this, and this is a practice I do myself daily.

Every day write down a list of all the money that comes into your life. Track every penny, whether it is from salary, gifts, money in the street, bonuses, or an inheritance. Big or Small, track it every day, and feel good and grateful about it. ( You are working with the universal laws here). Make a note of the assets that you have each day, if you own a house, what equity you have in your house, any shares, pensions etc.

By paying close attention to all those extra little bits and pieces of money that comes your way, you will start to activate the law of attraction. Like attracts like – so the more money you realise you have, the more money will start flowing to you.

This takes you out of focusing on the lack of money in your life, where you send a signal out to the universe of lack and so you attract more of the same.

Also track everything else of value that comes into your life that might not be money. It could be gifts, savings, discounts, things you receive for free. By noting these you might actually realise you get more free stuff than money, so you might need to switch your focus to manifest more money.

Please, make a commitment to track your money every day for a least a month- because what gets measured gets improved. I know it can feel hard to do this at the beginning as you are looking at the figures and they might not be where you want them to be yet. I want you to get comfortable with looking at the figures, and to see that money flows.

The first time I did this, I got an extra £800 from an unexpected source. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.

This is about knowing how much money you are manifesting so you can attract some more.

This is such a big topic, and a game changer for people. We do lots of raising your wealth consciousness in my programme, as mastering your money mindset is key.

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