Stop Needlessly Suffering

Let’s talk about the either/or conversation for a moment.

Because this is a sneaky one that always crops up. 

Either love or money…

Either the dream job or the ideal salary…

Either putting the kids first or the relationship…

Either be a good mum or a successful business owner…

Can you relate?

All of these conversations have cropped up for me at one time or another. And they come up aaall the time with my clients. 

It takes a conscious vigilance to catch when these limited ideas are at play. 

It takes space to reflect, and it takes courage to give yourself permission to opt out of these stories…

… and you get to give yourself permission to have BOTH!

You can have the love AND the money…

You can have the dream job AND your ideal salary…

You can put the kids first AND be in a great relationship…

You can be a good mum AND a successful business owner…!

And any of the stories that suggest otherwise are merely a cover up for the fact that you’re resisting the thing you really want. 

Are you using your children as an excuse not to go for your business dreams? 

Are you staying in a dead end relationship because you don’t trust yourself to make it work on your own?

It’s ok to be afraid. 

It’s ok to feel lost when it comes to changing the way you live life. It’s ok to admit you weren’t exactly doing the best way.

We’ve all been there!

Of course there will always be compromises that need to be made. But we have the power to make it work under any circumstance.

For me it can look like taking calls in the car while the kids are at football practice…!

Maybe for you it looks like starting your business off at a smaller scale with a view to grow once your kids are a bit older…

Whatever your goals are, you can find a way to make it work.

It’s never too late to give yourself permission to stop wasting time NOT enjoying what you’d really love to experience in life. 

After all, we never really know how long we’ve got. 

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