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Here's Your Guided Somatic Akashic Records Healing!

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Attune To The Akashic Records...
The Akashic Records is a Divine energetic record of all of your thoughts, actions, experiences, and intentions of each lifetime on earth since your soul’s first incarnation here. It is a vibrational imprint of everything that you have experienced during your many incarnations. When you access The Akashic Records you are working at a Soul level of consciousness. 

Every time you access the Akashic Records you receive a vibrational attunement.

Be guided into the Akashic Records, with this recorded activation and be attuned to your healing gifts and awaken your clairsenses by Louisa to receive guidance and healing into what you desire in this moment. 

Access the Akashic Records with the Soul Journeys® Method guided by Louisa Havers, Master Teacher Trainer of the Soul Journeys® Method.

Yours for $47 for the next 48 hours only (Retail $97) 

If you need any assistance at any point, reach out to us on clientcare@louisahavers.com

Louisa x