New Moon Circles

What is a Moon Circle?

A moon circle is a gathering of women that meet at the time of the New Moon.

In ancient times women gathered at the new and full moons to connect with themselves, their monthly cycles, other women and the elements.

This sacred space was a place of learning and growth for each woman.

She would learn from the older women of the Tribe the art of healing and herblore, of divination and connecting with her sixth sense.

In modern times, the need for space to learn and grow as an individual, celebrating ourselves as women and all our unique gifts is needed now more than ever before. The fast pace of modern life can be navigated more easily when balanced by a monthly practice, connecting with the energy of the natural world, the energy all around us and our own personal energy.

Why New Moon?

The moon is the feminine energy to the Sun’s masculine energy and she moves through the night sky over the course of a 28 ½ day cycle.  At the time of the new moon, the energy of the feminine, is at its lowest. It is a time of introspection and vulnerability, a time when emotions run deep and the shadow side of our personality can show through.

This is why traditionally women would seek a safe space to feel nurtured and cared for as their energy dipped. It is often described as the time when hidden wounds will surface, giving an opportunity to heal. This healing is easier when fully supported and held within a safe space like a Circle.

When women work with their cycle, they are far more productive, creative, less stressed and overall happier. Attending a regular Circle will help them to connect to and recognise the ebbs and flow of their energy and to learn to work with that energy rather than against it.

Regular attendees will often report their cycle will start to sync with that of the Moon as their energy matches that of the universe around them.

It is a time to look back at what went before and forward to what we would like to change.

What to expect from our Moon Circle

We will come together for a New Moon ceremony so that we use the Moon energy to manifest and grow energetically.

Are you ready to understand your feminine archetypal energy and the power you have within? We will release the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have held you back from the previous month and tune into the energies for this New Moon so that you are fully supported energetically for the month ahead.

Our ceremony will include guided meditations, energy releasing work, and sharing in a safe and supportive environment.

The Benefits of Attending a Regular Moon Circle

Attending a Moon Circle means you get to focus on your needs,  creates a regular monthly practice, increases self esteem. It is a time to receive rather than give, where your  emotional needs are met. You are part of community and have support.

It is a time of stillness in a life of busy-iness, a time to reflect and learn, to develop your spiritual connection. Connect with feminine energy, develop your intuition.

Honour yourself by being able to share how you feel and improve  your Physical well-being  by relaxing and letting go of stress hormones by mediation, breath work and sharing of knowledge

Ladies that have attended other Moon Circles say:

“A Moon Circle is good for the Soul, its food for the Soul. Its about women supporting women in a trusted circle of non-judgemental love and support. I always feel held, I relax and share my thoughts and get connected with the Moon and its powerful energy and the energy of my ancient fore-mothers. I always feel uplifted after I attend a Circle”

“Moon Circle is an opportunity to be raw and open. A chance to take off your cloak and be yourself without fear and judgement. Women can be judgemental of each other and Moon Circles encourage us to find our inner sisterhood and reconnect, encouraging support, love and lifelong friendships”

“I have found the wonderful connection to nature a true blessings opening my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us. I feel grounded, this has come with time, practice and the guidance of Moon Circles”

“Its unbelievable to think that on that New Moon cycle women from many different places geographically are all connecting and coming together sharing love, joy and healing, its my favourite part of the Circle, knowing that I have this connection with other women”

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The Art of Alignment Retreats

Our Retreat theme is “Release, Renew, Rejuvenate”

A day especially for you.

As we are half way through 2019, this is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself. To take time out for a day, a day that is centred around releasing and renewing so that you leave feeling rejuvenated.

Our day will begin and end with a Vinyasa Yoga, we will be energetically supported with a powerful heart centred meditation and our energy alignment releasing. We will be grounded with our vegan nutrition and refreshments and learn how to keep our bodies in peak shape as we raise our vibration.

Please book in below to purchase your ticket. We have a special early bird offer of £129 until the 22nd May (Retail Price is £149 thereafter).

We can’t wait to see you there!

Louisa, Lynn & Ylva