Free 3-Day Wealth Energetics Masterclass

For self-aware entrepreneurs who are ready to create limitless possibilities by mastering energy psychology to explode through their money ceiling

Discover how to use the powerful principles of The Helix Method & Akashic Records to calibrate to your ultimate potential & magnetise abundance in all forms.
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You will learn:  

  • How to have complete confidence to hit your financial revenue goals by mastering wealth energetics 
  • How your nervous system can feel safe to allow more in and overcome hidden self worth blocks so that you upgrade your net worth
  • We start on the 18th September 2023 with a live call at 2 pm UK time on Monday to Wednesday, replays are available so you can tune in at a time that works for you
  • Our 3-Day Masterclass Training is designed to help you co-create with the energy of money with our Helix Method Manifesting Ritual ® which is our proven method for consistent, predictable manifestation so that you feel GOOD about generating, receiving, and circulating plenty of money

Are you ready to create limitless possibilities and explode through the money ceiling?

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Over 10,000 people have taken part in our Masterclasses:

Your host, Louisa Havers - CEO, Founder of The Helix Method, Master Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant, Intuitive Success and Business Coach.

Over the last few years, Louisa has helped thousands of self-aware entrepreneurs transform business plateaus and calibrate to a new level of wealth using advanced energy psychology techniques.

Is your nervous system at capacity?

Ready to make your income ceiling your new floor?

Ready to collapse timelines and bend reality?

Then this masterclass is a great starting point to change your frequency and understand the principles of what Louisa teaches.

It's her newest Manifesting Masterclass which is running from September 18th to 20th 2023.

This is an immersive experience in which Louisa will coach you via 3 powerful masterclasses on how to explode through the unseen upper limits without getting trapped in endless healing patterns by living at your fullest self-expression through impactful daily manifestation rituals.

It's her treat, her complimentary gift to self aware entrepreneurs who are ready to live at their highest value and who are ready to expand their wealth consciousness so that they can make the impact they came here to make.

If this feels aligned for you we would love to have you join us! Make sure to save your spot!

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