Private Mentoring & Aligned Success Coaching

As a high performer and leader in your field, you know the importance of alignment.

And being fully supported emotionally so that you can lead, and live at your highest value across all areas of your life.

You want more ease and flow in life and your business, without working harder, without the emotional stickiness that comes with up levelling and expansion, and without feeling like you are going it alone.
You are ready to be fully supported.

You’re an ambitious CEO, leader, high performer, coach, consultant or business owner on the cusp of six figures or already at multi-six figures and you’re ready for your next level.

Imagine being able to

  • Break through the plateau you hit with more ease and flow then ever before. To have more wealth and prosperity across all areas of your life, in your money, your relationships, your time, your health and wellbeing. 
  • Live and experience the vision you’ve held in your heart, feeling the excitement and joy as the momentum builds and as you calibrate to your next level of success. 
  • Have a mentor you trust work in partnership with you. To feel fully supported every step of the way. No longer feeling frustrated or lonely as you’ve navigated the growth of your business without the support in place for you as the leader.  
  • Have clarity on how to achieve your big business goals, with the faith and certainty that the results are inevitable. 
  • Be in a committed relationship with a Mentor, where they have the expertise of both the energetics mastery and business strategy, and have the success that you desire. Their hindsight becomes your foresight, so you always know the most aligned step to take for you.
  • Prioritise your success in alignment with your unique energetic signature. They know you and your business really well, and can help you see your blind spots and navigate energetic resistances so you move forward with grace, balance and peace. 

It’s time to partner with someone who will support you in taking your business to the next revenue level in a way that feels good to YOU. Without frazzling your nervous system and burning out, without sacrificing your relationships or without sacrificing time to enjoy and live life . 

Someone with over two decades of experience.

Someone who has worked with thousands of human beings just like you.

Someone with impressive results for her clients and her own businesses.

Someone known for her blend of level headed expertise and channelling higher levels of consciousness.

Someone whose highest values are integrity, grace, impact, freedom, equity and inclusion.

Someone with an energetic projection of continued wealth evolution and credentials validating her expertise.

Can you already feel the impact the transformation will have on your life and your business?

I’m Louisa Havers, Intuitive Success and Business Strategist with the perfect mix of energetics and business strategies to help you breakthrough to your next level.

My psychology background together with my energy psychology coaching and Akashic Records means I’m a trusted expert to work safely with your higher self and consciousness, combined with my 19+ years worth of leadership, business strategy across corporates, public sector agencies, SMEs and online business owners means I have the divine guidance, business experience and transferable skills to help you strategically reach your goals. 

I go above and beyond to get YOU the results you desire.

The Helix Method® AND The Akashic Records are the secret elixirs behind my client’s success.

I’m so excited that your Higher Self has bought you here. I have a four options for how we can partner together…

Aligned Success 

Our offers are underpinned by our Aligned Success Trinity of three core pillars: Strategy, Consciousness and Prosperity.

Strategy: Recurring Revenue Models, Offer Design, Marketing and Sales in Alignment with Your Energetic Signature,  Operations, Team Leadership.
Consciousness: Channeling Higher Realms of Consciousness, Energetic Alignment and Upgrades, Subconscious Rewiring, Reality Creation.
Prosperity: Alignment with Your Legacy Vision & Mission, 3-10 Year Planning, Profit Planning, Investment Opportunities. 
My Private Offers are my highest-level support, designed to blend energetics and strategy for your business growth to take you and your business to the next level.

The Aligned Success Trinity is at their core, which means you get sustainable strategic guidance with channelled divine guidance from the Akashic Records,  and energetics to heal and clear any expansion blocks that crop up on the way, helping you to step into your highest potential, and a new level of mastery as you build your legacy business.

You have four options so you can choose the one that is most aligned for you…

30 Days Voxer Coaching.  30 Days Voxer Coaching only is where you have me in your pocket to guide and support you over the month.

Think of this as having your Success and Business Mentor in Your Pocket! This is perfect for having support on hand when you need it.

One month support over Voxer Monday to Friday. Where we focus on your priority for the 30 days together.

Once you’ve signed up, you will be sent a form to share with me what your focus is for the month, so we can dive in together and I can keep you on track.

We can do Akashic Records Voxer Coaching where you receive divine guidance from the Akasha for your 30 days, or we can focus on the trinity for Aligned Success including Business strategy, Prosperity or your Consciousness.

If you’d like to extend beyond the first month, there are options for that.

Your Investment

£2,000 inc VAT for one month.

Akashic Ascension Codes Coaching Programme:  You can enjoy 5 – 45 minute sessions to be used within a 3 month period. You’ll receive powerful energetic activations and laser coaching to expand your capacity to receive more wealth with ease and grace and instant shifts to optimise all areas of your life. To be used within 6 months.

Your Investment


The Aligned Success Immersion is to fast-track your growth.

This is perfect for you, when you have big goals you want to achieve, and need clarity on the most aligned path for you, and want to clear the belief blocks and energetic resistances that come along with expansion.

You’ll receive

Immersive Day in person or online to co-create your strategy together. Our time together will run from 10am to 4pm (UK time) with regular breaks and lunch built in.

The day includes:

Getting clear on your soul aligned goals so we can align everything you do over the year with achieving them, including your revenue goal.

Create an aligned action plan for each goal that you will implement over the year.

Freeing up Time as you let go of anything that doesn’t serve you to free up much needed time.

Reviewing your offers and optimising them for recurring revenue and profit.

Energetically aligned marketing plan and simplifying, redesigning or fine tuning to optimise for impact, balance and peace.

Reviewing your systems and optimising them to support you better as you grow next year.

Bespoke Growth Plan which you can implement immediately. 

Plus Voxer Coaching for one month after our day together so that you can receive energetic upgrades and ask questions when things crop up.

I’ll give you everything you need to succeed so that your business success and dreams manifested becomes inevitable.

Your Investment

You will save time, money and energy by doing this together. You’ll have a revenue plan that includes a way to receive your ROI on this in the first 90 days, so you see results straight away.  

£6,000 inc VAT for the Virtual Day on Zoom /£7,000 inc VAT for the In Person Day at a hotel.

Payment plans are available.

The Trifolium Experience is a six month supportive mentoring and coaching journey that gives you every element you need to take your business to the next level of growth, while taking care of you so you don’t burn out on the way to that ultimate destination you dream of.

Having worked with so many clients over the years, I know what is needed for clients to be supported mind, body and soul as they grow their businesses to the level of success they desire. 

We need the full package to address and support business strategy and growth alongside mindset, energy and body.

This is what you get inside:

In person or Online Immersive Strategy Day to kick things off where we’ll create your one year strategy and then the six month action plan that we’ll follow during our time together. We’ll also design the bespoke mindset, energy and strategic support you need over the six months to implement your strategy, which we will activate in our sessions each month. 

Your Bespoke Growth Plan for the next six months, including a simplification plan, goal mapping, revenue mapping and leadership self care plan.

Two Calls Per Month to either focus on a strategic problem, or activate and calibrate your mindset and energy, depending on what you need at the time. 

Voxer Coaching so that you can check in and ask questions when things crop up.

90 Day Review at the midpoint to check in on performance and results, and if necessary adjust our plan for the next 90 days together.

This is ideal for those who want to fast track their growth with deeper support and healing. Who are already at, or close to, six figures and are looking to create £20k-£50k months, and want the proven strategy, trusted guidance and mindset and energy support along the way.

Whatever energetic and mindset blocks appear during our time together can be removed as they happen, clearing the way and collapsing timelines for faster growth.

This is the deepest, most transformational way to work with me.

Your Investment

The investment is £20,000 inc VAT. Payment plans are available.

The Elite Experience:  For multi six figure and seven figure leaders, a tailored experience to meet your needs, for 6 months or a full year experience with VIP half-day, monthly sessions, and weekly voxer access for full support so that your frequency is calibrated to your continued expansion with ease.

We’ll create a bespoke package to meet your desired results. Tailored exclusively for you.

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“Louisa Havers is pure magic! I have had the honor of experiencing her Akashic Records Readings and her accuracy and ability to heal past and current traumas is incredible. Louisa’s readings and healing sessions open space for you to allow in the things you really desire in your life—better relationships, excellent health, and wealth.

Plus, Louisa has such pure energy, and you can feel she only wants the very, very best for you. I highly recommend a session with Louisa if you are ready to take your business and your life to the next level!”

Ursula Mentjes, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur