Inspiring Stories

I highly recommend Louisa’s programme to others who feel ‘stuck” in their current situation whether it relates to work issues or issues in your personal life. Louisa has helped me to change my mindset to become more positive and I am extremely grateful for all the additional information and support that Louisa provided.

Sarah Flindall

I found the sessions really positive and a bit mind blowing . They helped me reflect on my approach to things and techniques used in relation to interviews to keep calm and focused. I came away after every session feeling positive and self believing.

The sessions helped me focus on what I wanted to do and needed to do.

Phil Davies

There have been so many benefits to me doing the programme, I am proud of myself for taking the time and putting in the work. I have become unstuck from my rut! I’ve smashed down the negative voices and I listen to all things positive and gravitate towards the sorts of relationships which are fun and supportive.  The course encourages you to surround yourself and network with other people who are supportive and I have enjoyed making time to organise quick meet ups/reunions in fun locations.  All this good stuff helps you to bounce out of bed and seize your day – I have learned that it is all about the Energy!

Emma Dunford

I love Louisa’s profound healing work. She’s got an incredible gift of helping women move beyond their blocks and blast into BLISS. We were able to clear out some old stuff I was not aware I was holding onto. After my session with Lou I felt more confident, empowered, grounded and FREEER to be me in all areas of my life. I highly recommend working with Lou if you’re ready to breakthrough what’s holding you back and open yourself to receive more abundance, joy and peace!

Amanda Moxley

I had been working to build a new business, putting in many long hours and I was feeling overwhelmed and overworked. I knew I had a few energetic blocks preventing me from moving forward with my work, and I wanted help to clear them so I could get back in flow and move my business forward. My experience was so great – Louisa led me through the process with ease and I was able to physically connect with and feel my blocks as they moved out of my body and my energy field. I would absolutely recommend the sessions to anyone who is feeling blocked, stuck, held back by any beliefs, self-doubts or fears either consciously or subconsciously.

Wendy Leung,

I now have the desire to drive me to step outside my comfort zone and I can build upon my reserves of strength as I take each step however small or large!  I can work with the universal laws, as I know the Universe is ready to provide me everything I need and more as long as I am prepared i.e. by getting my energy aligned and clearing any resistance as they arise and by trusting my intuition.

Linda Lam