The Infinite Prosperity Podcast

If you’re driven by making a difference, creating a legacy and you’re looking to have exponential success ( into 6-7 figures and beyond) whilst working in alignment with your higher consciousness.

…WITHOUT adding a ton of work to your plate, or feeling like you have to do it all alone, or having a roller coaster of results.

Join Louisa Havers, International Success and Business Coach, plus expert guests for the art of alignment and manifesting, plus real strategies to lift the lid on your life and business so that you live at your highest value whilst changing the lives of thousands.

The Infinite Prosperity Podcast is about us all rising together, we are so grateful and appreciate you sharing episodes with others.

Ep43: Freedom Through Forgiveness – Interview with Brenda Reiss

Brenda Reiss is a 2-time author, speaker, and podcast host and is a sought-after Transformation and Forgiveness coach.

When she is not providing compassionate guidance to help her clients create more abundance, clarity of purpose, and freedom in their lives, you can find her hiking...

Ep 42: How To Raise Your Prices With Confidence And Integrity – Interview with Desiree Stafford

Desiree Stafford helps coaches, healers, consultants, and other serviced entrepreneurs attract a steady flow of high ticket clients and breakthrough to 5 - 6 figure months with simplicity and ease.

She shares the secrets to raising your prices with confidence and integrity so that it is of higher service to your clients.

Ep41: Client Attraction Made Easy – Louisa Havers

Louisa shares timeless business principles to accelerate your business growth.

Listen in to hear how!

Ep40: Growing Profitably in Uncertain Times – Interview with Jennifer Peek

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Peek Advisory Group. Peek Advisory specializes in working with growing companies by providing fractional CFO, financial due diligence, and business valuation services.

The firm provides marquee-level services without the marquee price tag enabling smaller companies to achieve profitable cash flow.

Ep39: Becoming Irresistible to Clients and Collaborators – Interview with Karen Yankovich

Host of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast and LinkedIn Evangelist, Karen guides entrepreneurs to creating wealth by combining smart business practices with simple proven systems that develop and maintain strong customer relationships.

She offers results-oriented and expert LinkedIn Marketing strategies that position her clients to bring in instant results.

Ep38: The Uplevel – Louisa Havers

Louisa shares the key things that bubble up as entrepreneurs claim to go for an uplevel.

This can be when they declare they are ready to hire another team member, increase their revenue, or work with a new type of client.

Ep37: Writing for Healing – Interview with Lisa Pinnock

Lisa Pinnock is a Toronto-based educator, speaker, writing coach, and life-long learner. She is a bestselling author of four award-winning publications.

Lisa is passionate about using writing as a gateway for self-expression, where strength can be found in the midst of vulnerability.

Ep36: Leadership Lessons in Antarctica – Interview with Siv Harstad

Siv Harstad is a motivational speaker, expedition leader, and mindset coach whose philosophy is to inspire and motivate people to Dream Big in their life.

Growing up on the west coast of Norway with a family of entrepreneurs, her role models taught her to be strong and independent which led her to live and work all over the world; USA, Nordics, Greece, Netherlands, and Brazil.

Ep35: Quantum Revenue Growth – Interview with Ursula Mentjes

Ursula Mentjes is a leading expert on success and business growth and a USA Today bestselling author of UpLevel NOW and five other non-fiction books.

She is a business strategist and coach who works with entrepreneurs to double their monthly revenue in as little as 30 days while working less!