The Infinite Prosperity Podcast

If you’re driven by making a difference, creating a legacy and you’re looking to have exponential success ( into 6-7 figures and beyond) whilst working in alignment with your higher consciousness.

…WITHOUT adding a ton of work to your plate, or feeling like you have to do it all alone, or having a roller coaster of results.

Join Louisa Havers, International Success and Business Coach, plus expert guests for the art of alignment and manifesting, plus real strategies to lift the lid on your life and business so that you live at your highest value whilst changing the lives of thousands.

The Infinite Prosperity Podcast is about us all rising together, we are so grateful and appreciate you sharing episodes with others.

Ep29: Launch Successfully in Alignment with the Planets – Interview with Samantha Selby

Meet Samantha Selby, known as the Astrological Energy Healer and channel for Star Goddess Activations.

She is passionate about Astrology and Energy Healing, supporting her clients to reveal and heal their feminine energy so they can experience peace, and prosperity with more fun and freedom love, and laughter in their life and business.

Ep28: Success without the Burnout – Interview with Dr. Yvette Ankrah

Meet Dr. Yvette Ankrah MBE, a transformational coach, consultant, and trainer. She primarily works with high-achieving women to get success without burnout.

Yvette is passionate about ensuring people have the optimum environment, tools, and skills to thrive. She believes that this starts from the inside and works in a way that builds sustainable and profitable businesses/careers without overwhelm, stress, and burnout.

Ep27: How to Go From A Good Life to An Amazing Life – Interview with Lesley Martin

Meet Lesley Martin, founder, CEO & certified coach. Lesley experienced much adversity early in her life. She then spent the next couple of decades overcoming it and creating a stable life for herself.

She completed her BA in Contemplative World Religions and her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling.

Ep26: How To Simplify Your Focus So You Can Multiply Your Impact – Interview with Joy Bufalini

Meet Joy Bufalini, creator of the Simplify to Multiply® Method, helping women scale their businesses by simplifying their focus.

She's known for her warm but no-fluff approach to helping women do their soul work in the world. Even while raising her daughter with multiple disabilities, Joy has built a robust 7 figure business by keeping a simple and scalable focus.

Ep25: 3 Energetic Shifts to See Your Profitability – Louisa Havers

In this episode, Louisa shares 3 energetic shifts you can take immediately to start to see your profits grow. Listen now to consider how you can implement these shifts now.

Come and join us in the Money Kinesiology Group for 6 and 7 Figure CEOs to receive live training and videos on the regular, and to network and collaborate with other like-minded souls.

Ep24: Infinite Possibilities Made Accessible for All – Interview with Anita Davies

Anita has had sight loss since birth due to a rare condition. Anita has been a Judo World, European and International champion has won many awards, and was nominated as one of Wales' most inspirational women in over 100 years.

Anita has worked in the field of sight loss for 30 years and runs her own holistic mentoring business - called Holistic Vision.

Ep23: Being The Multidimensional CEO – Interview with Kimberly iMfezi Ingonyama

Kimberly is the founder of Wildfire Global, a boutique Kimberly firm for high-impact, conscious leaders and entrepreneurs.

Her clients are courageous leaders with a proven track record of success and who also have a deep longing to experience unfettered power, so they can experience more love, money, power, pleasures, and respect in their lives with ease and grace.

Ep22: Tapping Into Your Empathic Intuition to Nurture Your Prospects – Interview with Tamika Auwai

Tamika is the CEO of Orisha Creative, an inventive nurture marketing agency that serves leaders in the online coaching industry.

Tamika resides on territory originally stewarded by the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations—presently known as Ontario, Canada—with her husband and children.

Ep21: Self Love is the Key to Creating an Abundant Life – Interview with Dr Mously Le Blanc

Dr. Mously Le Blanc, is a highly awarded and sought-after medical doctor, holistic intuitive healer, and coach. She is an author, podcaster and motivational speaker that has been featured in the media including CBS, FOX and SHIFT Network.

In her experience as a doctor treating cancer and chronic pain patients, she has witnessed directly how emotional trauma and burnout result in physical manifestation of pain and illness.