The Infinite Prosperity Podcast

If you’re driven by making a difference, creating a legacy and you’re looking to have exponential success ( into 6-7 figures and beyond) whilst working in alignment with your higher consciousness.

…WITHOUT adding a ton of work to your plate, or feeling like you have to do it all alone, or having a roller coaster of results.

Join Louisa Havers, International Success and Business Coach, plus expert guests for the art of alignment and manifesting, plus real strategies to lift the lid on your life and business so that you live at your highest value whilst changing the lives of thousands.

The Infinite Prosperity Podcast is about us all rising together, we are so grateful and appreciate you sharing episodes with others.

Ep 70: Roundtable of Six and Seven Figure CEOs

This is for everyone who wants to make a bigger impact in 2024.

We brought together a panel of brilliant leaders who all have had financial breakthroughs, continue to do so, and help their clients to do the same.

Ep 69: How to Increase Productivity – Interview with Jordan Tait

Are you ready to have more balance and fulfilment in life?

Jordan Tait is a business and lifestyle coach who has guided hundreds of owners and leaders on how to escape the grind while growing their businesses.

Ep 68: The Triangle of Your Life Purpose – Interview with Michelle Da Silva

The purpose isn't just one thing…

Michelle Da Silva has experienced highs and lows in her life, like everyone else, but has always had a curiosity about life, the existence of all that is, the Universe, and everything in it.

Ep 67: Tapping into The Akashic Records – Interview with Leilani Lucero

Ready to bust some myths on psychic attacks and prosperity?

Leilani Lucero, Mystic, an Akashic Records Practioner, Energy Healer, Medium, and Coach. She guides others to heal, see their raw truth, and claim their power.

Ep 66: Set Your Mind For The Life You Want – Interview with Cheryl Fischer

Speak your way to success…

Cheryl Fischer is a Mindset & Life Coach and host of the OMG Teach Me podcast. With experience in teaching and corporate training, she is all about breaking concepts down and sharing valuable information.

Ep 65: Roundtable of Six and Seven Figure CEOs

Committed to unlocking your highest potential?

We brought together a panel of brilliant leaders who are all experts in the area of unlocking the subconscious for success across all areas of life, the trifecta of love, health, and wealth, and what we are seeing on the hot topic of creating alignment and success.

Ep 64: Shadow Alchemy – Interview with Emily Bourke

Want the secret to manifesting all you desire? 

Emily Bourke is a manifestation and shadow work teacher and coach. She is passionate about guiding women into their shadow selves to alchemise their pain into purpose.

Ep 63: Business After Narcissistic Abuse – Interview with Nisanka Wickramarachchi

How Does Narcissistic Abuse Impact Business?

Nisanka Wickramarachchi helps parents who parent with a narcissistic partner or ex to preserve their sanity, take their lives back, and support their children.

Ep 62: Conscious Leadership – Interview with Afsheen Ismail-Wey

Find your perspective when you are in the midst of chaos…

Afsheen shared so much wisdom on conscious leadership. Opening up a conversation on diversity and inclusion, sharing experiences that other people may not have had.