Tom Paladino shares the revolution he has created with Scalar energy, the results he has achieved with his scalar light technology and quantum healing are extraordinary. Pioneering the way forward by harnessing scalar energy, Tom is helping thousands of people a day find relief from their symptoms. If you haven’t heard of Scalar Energy, this episode is for you as you learn about innovation in this field and what it means for society. Tom has generously offered the listeners a free 15-day experience, so they can receive the benefits of Scalar Energy. The possibilities are limitless with Scalar energy technology, this innovation is so exciting for humanity.

Tom Paladino has developed scalar light instruments that negate the molecular bonds of pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. In doing so, people experience relief from pathogenic diseases. Scalar light is a new science of quantum healing.

Listen to hear:

✨ What scalar energy is and how it is different from electromagnetic energy

✨ The phenomenal healing results from scalar energy

✨ How scalar energy turns on the ability to form our own nutrients

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Free gift: 15 days of FREE scalar light sessions available on the website!

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