Samantha Selby is the Astrological Energy Healer and channel for Star  Goddess Activations. She is the creator of Ascension Astrology, a  blending of modern science, psychology, transformational energy  techniques with the ancient art that is Astrology.

Following  the divine guidance that she receives, Sam mentors, teaches and guides  women spiritual entrepreneurs that want to reveal, heal, activate and  step into their feminine energy for more peace, joy, prosperity and  stability in their lives.

Sam firmly believes, that knowing yourself at the deepest level is the key to living a happy and successful life. She is passionate about living what she calls “An Illuminated Life”.

A  life where you are free to shine your unique light in the most joyous  and effortless way, and in doing so, you create the ripples of magic  that filter out to your loved ones and clients, creating change and  existential transformation for all.

Sam has over 25  years’ experience supporting 1000’s of women to heal from trauma,  limiting beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage. Enabling  them to live healthy, happy lives with an inner wealth and self-value  that leads them to run successful businesses, enjoy loving, respectful  relationships and experience the freedom to choose what they do with their valuable time and energy.

She  is one of only three Master Energy Alignment Mentors worldwide and has  run her own successful School of Complementary Therapy and lectured  students studying for degrees in Complementary Therapy.

Sam  continues her passion for teaching and up-leveling women by mentoring  women leaders and space-holders to host their own Moon Circles, safe  spaces for women to connect with their own feminine essence and to  follow the guidance offered by working with the energy of the feminine  luminary the Moon.

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About Louisa Havers

Louisa Havers is an internationally renowned Master Transformational Coach, Creator of The Helix Method, Master Akashic Records teacher (Soul Journeys® Method) and business mentor. She enables high achievers and coaches to unlock their superpowers, turbo-charge soul-aligned magnetism and “lift the ceiling” in both their lives and businesses. It’s a journey Louisa knows works as she’s personally undertaken it. Years spent leading change in the highly pressurized and stressful social services sector, led to shingles and chronic fatigue, compelling her to break free from the corporate matrix of overwork. It was the first step to creating her own life of freedom and dream business income. Louisa enables clients across the globe to activate quantum leaps to success in their own journey to fulfillment, self-love and a six / seven-figure income. Daring to live your life’s purpose is truly possible under Louisa’s loving, powerful and insightful guidance.

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