Michelle Fernandes
Advanced Helix Method Mentor
 Hello, my name is Michelle! I was traumatised by my life experience which included 34 yrs of suffering from asthma, childhood emotional neglect, and postpartum depression on the flip side, after my Helix method training, helped me heal and evolve into a life coach. Besides having experienced trauma firsthand, I'm also trauma-informed.

I help people unlock the puzzle pieces of their life faster with access to higher truth and power. I'm really good at helping people unravel their repeating patterns, money blocks, chronic illness, and mental health issues, such that they can experience real well-being. I help people activate their light body using the Helix method and ascend from 3d hell consciousness to 5d Heaven on Earth consciousness.

My niche areas are harmonizing the disharmony that arose due to: abuse/ rape/ trauma/ abandonment/ overpowering/ bullying/ childhood emotional neglect/ fear/ PTSD/ bodily ailments/ anxiety and depression. Essentially anything which leaves a person experiencing soul loss, dis-association, energy fragmentation, and loss of personal power. I also read soul contracts and the Akashic Records which help you get to the root of the problem faster so that it can be transformed without going down random energy rabbit holes, thereby helping you access higher states of consciousness so that you ultimately experience Heaven on Earth.

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