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Behind-the-Scenes Roundtable Conversations
with Louisa Havers

Multi-Dimensional Manifesting by Channelling Higher Realms of Consciousness

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Our panel for this conversation brings together spiritual leaders and channels who generously shared their wisdom on manifesting with higher realms of consciousness and the ripple effect created for all.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes conversation with these internationally renowned leaders.

Meet Our Leaders
 Louisa Havers is The Creator of The Helix Method®, Master Akashic Records Teacher and Consultant, and an award-winning Success and Business Adviser. She enables self-aware entrepreneurs to unlock their superpowers and “lift the ceiling” in both their lives and businesses.
 Ursula Mentjes is a USA Today bestselling author and self-taught executive who knows what it takes to wake up every morning with an intentional plan to succeed. Eschewing the typical sales and business growth rhetoric, she shows audiences how to close the sale without losing their soul.
 Joan D’Argo is the founder and CEO of Dare to Shine Coaching. She is an intuitive soul coach who teaches women to channel their Wise Woman Within, an infinite well of wisdom wiser than any spiritual teacher, healer, or ascended master. When your Wise Woman Channel is clear and open, you’re divinely guided, and life unfolds with ease, joy, and grace.
 Danielle Rama Hoffman is a 4x best-selling author, international channel, and legacy-work coach to thousands around the world. She is the co-creator (with her business partner and guide Thoth) of the Multi-D Abundance Method™️, Divine Light Activation, The Magdalene Manifestation Card Deck, and an advanced spiritual mentorship program, Sahu: Be Your Fully Realized Self.
 Lesley Martin, a transformation coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and high-achievers who've been through adversity and now want to create more authentic, joyful, and fulfilling lives personally, professionally, and spiritually.
 Kimberly Imfezi Ingonyama is the Founder of Wildfire Global, a boutique leadership coaching firm for high-impact, conscious leaders and entrepreneurs. She envisions a world where a diverse slate of empowered, intuitive leaders are guiding the world's top businesses, corporations, and political offices.
 Robyn McKay, an authority on spiritual intelligence, a top advisor to intelligent and neurodiverse executives and leaders at Fortune 500 companies, as well as elite-level performers in entrepreneurship, sports, and entertainment.

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