FREE Yourself from the Discomfort and Stress of your Lifestyle and FEEL AMAZING for GOOD with The 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond Programme!

Your body is your home for life.
Treat it well now so it will treat you well for the rest of your life

When we start to feel better about ourselves it has a ripple effect across all areas of our life, our career, relationships, our money and health. You raise your vibrational attraction point so that you create more of what you want with ease and joy. 

A great place to start is with taking care of our physical body. When we take care of our physical body we are healthier and our vibration is higher in the physical layer of our energy field which means we can manifest more quickly. Which is why this is a great place to start when we are committed to making changes across all areas of our life.

Are you feeling totally discouraged because you can’t seem to lose or keep off the weight you’ve gained, no matter how many diets or detoxes you try??

Are you missing out on life because of acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, skin or fungal problems… and you have no idea how to fix it??

Are you frustrated about all the prescription medications, sedatives or stimulants you take for all your nagging health issues…and wish there was a more HOLISTIC way of healing your body?

Do you NEED coffee to feel awake in the morning, and need even MORE caffeine or sugar to stay energized throughout the day?

Do you cope with stress by eating sugary, salty, fatty foods, leaving you feeling sick and full of regret afterwards… and doubling your anxiety?? 

Are you totally confused about what foods are healthy or unhealthy, and don’t even know how to start making a change?? 

Do you live near polluted air, water or other environmental pollution and worry about the effects it’s having on your body?

Do you eat fast food, fatty foods, pre-prepared foods or fried foods more than three times a week?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… you’re not alone!

SO many people are completely stuck in unhealthy eating patterns, and find it nearly impossible to stay committed to new healthier habits!!

But symptoms like these are your body screaming at you to change what you’re doing… before it’s too late to fully heal:

  • Fatigue, sluggishness, not being able to keep a consistent level of energy throughout the day
  • Feeling sleepy, bloated or gassy after meals
  • Arthritic aches and pains or stiffness
  • Indigestion/acid reflux after eating
  • Brain fog, lack of concentration and/or poor memory.
  • Recurring yeast infections, fungal problems.
  • Having less than two bowel movements per day.
  • Craving/regularly eating sugary foods
  • Frequent headaches
  • Bad breath or excessive body odour
  • Weight gain, or being at a weight that causes health issues or keeps you from doing the things you love
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Food allergies
  • Skin issues (eczema, acne, psoriasis)

And the good news? It is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to change your eating habits, and heal your body the natural way!!!

But you’re going to need to go at it from a different approach this time.

To make a REAL, LASTING CHANGE, you need the RIGHT combination of support, tools and resources on your side.

That’s where I come in!  

Hi! I’m Louisa Havers, Founder and CEO of Trifolium Coaching… 

…and I have partnered with Arbonne  and coached over 300 people to become healthier, happier versions of themselves

Here’s how it started………

In 2014, I was in a ROUGH place. I had serious fatigue, could barely function, struggled with my demanding job, looking after my two sons, and running my coaching business. 

My wake up call was when I was hit with an alarming case of shingles. And that was ON TOP of other existing issues: a failing digestion system, and persistent weight gain. And I wasn’t even over eating!!

I needed my health, energy, and LIFE back, and feared what other problems might arise if I didn’t make a change… QUICK. So when I heard about 30 days to Healthy Living, I went all in.

This picture shows me in 2014 before the program, and right after. 

I could NOT believe how quickly I saw results!

By week 3, the weight started dropping off… and it continued even AFTER I finished the 30 days.  

My energy levels were back!

My bloating had gone!                     

I felt like myself again!

The programme allowed me to create healthy new habits that I’ve stuck with, and I feel so much more alive than I have in YEARS.

The thing that stuck out to me the most with this programme, was…

…habit change requires ongoing SUPPORT! 

Going it alone in making a major change to your lifestyle habits is a set up for failure. And it’s NOT because you’re not good enough… 

…It’s simply that we’re accustomed to fall back on old habits if we don’t  create ongoing external support to make lasting changes.

So that’s why I’ve created this AMAZING offer for you:

The 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond Programme

Ready to finally get your health back?

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With this programme, I’ll help you totally transform and re-balance your body and mind:

  • Elevate you mood, decrease inflammation, improve energy and sleep
  • Increase your nutrient intake
  • Achieve hormonal balance
  • Cleanse your gut and liver
  • Reach your balanced weight
  • Cook yummy healthy meals with ease
  • ​Reduce the number of toxins you ingest

The secret to my insanely high long-term success rate is the personalized, high level of support I provide my clients during and after the programme while helping them implement and STICK TO their new habits! 

You’ll get everything you need to set you up for ongoing SUCCESS!

  • A full recipe book with delectable dinners and tasty treats, which are all simple and take less than 30 minutes to cook. I see you – busy working ladies!!
  • 1-1 Wellness Coaching with me in the Facebook Group, offering daily support and guidance. With my expertise in mind, body & soul connection, with energy alignment, I’ve got your back. You’re not doing this alone!
  • Fully guided workbook and resources to help your clear out the junk from you cupboards and fill your kitchen with nutritious foods that will rev up your metabolism.
  • Access to a private Facebook support group with daily top tips and support as well as more recipes and plenty of success stories to keep you motivated.
  • Accountability! You are 50% more likely to succeed with someone guiding you. 
  • Full range of premium quality vegan, botanical supplements and nutritional products to increase your body’s fat burning capacity whilst making the plan convenient and sustainable for everyday life, no matter what your schedule is!

Maybe you’re worried that once you finish the 30 days and you have a particularly stressful day… you’ll slip back into your old habits?

That’s exactly why I offer that crucial level of support, availability and access throughout and after the programme.  

One way we do this is through the AMAZING private Facebook group! 

I pop in daily, so you’ll have direct access to me and ALL the other brilliant wellness coaches that are also in the group, including:

  • A Nutritionist
  • A Pranic Healer
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Pilates Teachers 

My clients LOVE this group  because of the incredible ongoing support from other clients, and the unique variety of expertise to draw from. 

Maybe you’re unsure about how this would be any different than other, grueling diets you’ve suffered through before… 

…And I TOTALLY get why you might feel skeptical! There are a lot of programmes out there that make BIG promises.

But the thing that makes this offer unique, (and my 300+ clients I’m sure would agree!) is that I’m NOT promising a magic pill. 

I’m helping you learn practical, convenient, and simple ways to change your diet for good

This is NOT about extreme, experimental, trendy, and sometimes dangerous diet changes. And it’s DEFINITELY not about improving yourself because of social pressures to look, be, and live by someone else’s standards of health and beauty!

What I care about most, is helping you change your relationship with nutrition, and learning how to fall in love with Whole Foods that will work FOR you not against you! 

This isn’t about limiting yourself to the point of never being able to eat what you love. It’s about re-balancing your diet, so that you CAN eat the foods you love… just in a way that doesn’t harm you!

Once you learn that, I promise you that the momentum of your amazing results keeps you going! 

Plus, you won’t be doing this alone

I’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you shift your energy around food, anxiety, and mental blocks you have around your health. THAT’S what makes this offer different, effective, and totally transformational.

If you’re ready to get the crucial SUPPORT and TOOLS to get back to a healthier you… work with me!

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While you’re learning your new, lasting eating habits, we’ll follow the 30 Day philosophies.

  1. Eat WHOLE Foods. Learn what they are, how to shop for it, and cook in a way that you LOVE.
  2. Avoid inflammatory-triggering and addictive foods. Things like gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, alcohol and acidic forming foods
  3. The importance of optimal food absorption. As ARBONNE so beautifully puts it, “we are not what we eat, we are what we absorb.”
  4. Using organ toxicity-releasing products. This routine allows the lungs, the G.I., the liver, the skin, and the kidneys to release toxicity and function at their optimal rate, giving your body the support it needs to run at its healthiest.

All of these philosophies are in line with The Medical Medium and Energy Healing which are my areas of expertise, and will make your chances of success SKYROCKET

Be Inspired by Tishy

Here’s what my amazing client Tishy has to say:

Before I did the 30 days to healthy living I was feeling sluggish, unmotivated,  and like I was in someone else’s skin. I was desperate! I was exercising regularly but not seeing the results I wanted.

At first I was worried how hard it would be, especially with three young children. I worried that I would be cooking all sorts of meals for everyone in the family.

I found it was really actually quite easy once you put your mind to it. I just changed what we all ate or would change something small on my plate, for example I would miss out the pasta on my plate and replace with courgetti instead. And as you start to feel better and see the weight drop off it motivates you to keep going.

It’s now a way of life for me.

Having the support and encouragement of others is invaluable and so great to have people on hand to give instant answers.

I have lost a stone and a half (10kgs) in just under 90 days and I feel great and like my old self again. I initially signed up for 30 days but wanted to keep going and didn’t want to stop once I felt and saw the changes. Everyone has been commenting on how great I look. I feel like my old self again.

I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight and increase energy.

Oh and my products that I can’t live without are the pomegranate fizz sticks and the RE9 daily Moisturiser!

Tishy Allen

If you’re suffering from unhealthy eating habits… it’s likely because you’ve been conditioned to live in a way that evidently isn’t supporting you…

So make that shift with the support you need and sign up for this opportunity TODAY!

 And quickly…! As I offer such a deep level of support – I only have availability for a limited number of clients!  

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The scary part is, that if you continue to ignore these problems… they’ll go from nagging… to life debilitating. 

So what’s at stake by NOT saying yes to changing your unhealthy habits for good?

A nasty chain reaction affecting all areas of your life. 

Poor health affects your HAPPINESS and keeps you from experiencing joy, energy, and happiness in your own life… causing increasing levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. 


This unhappiness strains relationships with friends, family and coworkers, putting your personal and work life in jeopardy


When your work life is impacted by health issues, your career is put at risk. This causes more strain on your mental, physical, and financial situation, causing more stress and dependence on junk food.

It can be daunting, but your unhealthy eating habits will become a self-perpetuating cycle that just gets worse and worse…

…unless you finally DO something about it! 

Maybe you think that your diet isn’t totally to blame, or you can’t put a finger on one specific thing that’s causing your health problems.

Here’s the thing. When your body is exposed to more toxins than it can handle both internally and externally… it goes into emergency mode. And one way it protects your vital organs from toxins… is building fat.

So HOW and WHERE exactly might you be exposing yourself to harmful toxins?

Through foods like… Packaged foods, hydrogenated fats and oils, white flour and sugar

And exposure to… secondhand smoke, fertilizers, dust, photocopiers, garden pesticides, mould, mildew, heavy metals, electrical devices, pollution, paint fumes, smoke, rain, dry cleaned clothing, household cleaners and car fumes.

This is your chance to give your body the second chance at healing, and BALANCE that you deserve!!

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Be Inspired by Maria

Hi Everybody I am so glad to be doing another 30 day detox – thank you Louisa for bringing me on board. I did my first 30 days in January and reduced my weight by one stone.

I stayed with the principles of the detox for another two months, although I reintroduced foods that were not included in the detox programme. I exercised three times a week for half an hour. I managed to reduce my weight by another stone. As well as being two stone lighter there were so many health benefits – reduced blood pressure and BMI. My indigestion and joint pain disappeared. My skin became softer and clearer, my sinus cleared up and I felt an overall increase in my well being.

I still take the breakfast shake with fibre and probiotic and I have introduced some dietary changes – reduced sugar intake, plant based milk, herbal teas and some gluten free products Unfortunately other foods have not only crept into my diet but have steadily overtaken the healthy options. Thankfully I have maintained my weight loss and most of the health benefits although indigestion and joint stiffness are starting to resurface.

I am glad to be taking control of my eating habits again and absolutely delighted to be doing another 30 days as I know what is waiting for me on 6th November.

One of the main things that kept me focused in January was the accountability Louisa expected- that and her advice to keep a note of my daily wins. These built up into a sizeable and encouraging list. I am not being dramatic Louisa when I say that I think you saved my life – my diet was so acidic, I was carrying way too much weight and my GP told me I was pre diabetic and carried a high risk of developing stage 2 diabetes. I did not seem able to turn things around, but through Louisa’s nurturing support and mentoring as well as her introduction to Arbonne products a turn around was made possible.

Now it is my goal to end this year three stone lighter than I began it and to maintain healthy food choices on a regular basis. Good luck to everyone else who is starting today and to those who are part way through – keep your focus – the results at the end of 30 days are so worth it. M ????

Maria Thompson

I bet you’re wondering now how much it will cost…

Great news: this programme is honestly SUCH a bargain! 

It works out to only @£8 a day for your products, access to the facebook group, menu plans, personalized and ongoing support… and even part of the cost of your meals!! 

Essentially, it’s about the same price as getting a latte and a snack at your local cafe each day.

The Nutrition Arbonne Special Value Pack at 40% Discount includes everything you need. On our 30 Day Programme, the products replace unhealthy options and with recipes and shopping lists… so you only fill your fridge with what you NEED. Less waste = more clarity!

CLICK HERE to see what is included!

During your FREE consultation, we’ll talk about where you are right now, and how you want to feel. Then, we’ll figure out the best option of support for you… to get you the results and wellness you’ve been dreaming of!

Your body is your home for life.

Treat it with the LOVE, and COMPASSION it deserves, so you can live freely with the energy and passion that YOU deserve. 

Click below to schedule your free Wellness Consultation today, and say YES to re-balancing your life! 

UPGRADE AVAILABLE (limited availability)

VIP 1 on 1 support packages are available to make yours a deeper, more profound shift in your health while you complete the 30-day programme.

  • With extra 1 on 1 support we’ll work together to quickly get to the root of your resistance to taking care of your health so you can release it for good.
  • Benefit from the power of 1 on 1 energy alignment work to realign your body, mind and emotions to easily shift to your new, healthier lifestyle.
  • You’ll benefit from the more personal level of support and accountability to change your habits with success.
  • I’ll be there to personally guide you through any challenges that come up in your career or family life in more detail as you progress through the programme. 
  • Extra support ALWAYS makes the journey easier, more successful and – more importantly – even more FUN!

Are you ready to ENJOY your body & health at a whole new level?

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