Jenny McDonald
Advanced Helix Method Mentor
 Hey! I’m Jenny, the Food Freedom Fairy, and I empower women to break free from the dieting cycle and find peace with food.

Discovering The Helix Method® has been life-changing. I feel like I have learnt magic! It was the missing piece of the puzzle for my coaching business and for my clients. Now I know they can achieve results with ease and speed because I have the tools to use with them and teach them. Whilst I specialise in helping my clients with their relationship with food, it is never about the food! Now I have Self Love, Health and Wealth Codes to dip into as my clients need them.

I have over 18 years of experience in the weight loss industry and behaviour change. I am a certified and accredited Health and Life Coach, trained in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and various energy healing modalities, including The Helix Method®

Like many women, I struggled with my relationship with food from an early age, spent years restricting food, and blamed myself for my bad habits. When I finally lost weight, there was still considerable work to do on my mindset and belief system. It took a while to realise that regular food restriction to keep my weight down was not a long-term or healthy solution! I developed a deeper understanding of why I ate and learned how to listen to my body's needs and get out of my own way!

In 2020 I launched the Power Over Food Podcast and founded The Becoming You Academy®.  The Academy teaches women how to nourish their minds, body and soul and enjoy cake without guilt. Most importantly, how to love yourself and be unapologetically you!

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