It’s Okay To Obsess… Over The Right Things!

When you hear the word “obsession,” you probably don’t have the most positive associations with it, right?

Well it turns out, there are certain obsessions that are actually life changing, for the better.

For most of my clients, they just can’t get enough of…

…Personal development!

When you can totally lean into your desire to grow, develop, and learn, things really open up for you in a new way.

A lot of my clients feel inner resistance before embracing their strong desire for personal development. Because part of it means recognising your blindspots and weaknesses.

Here’s the thing though, it doesn’t need to be painful! Finding opportunities for growth can be fun if you bring in the right people to help.

Diving into personal development means building your community, learning from other people, and enjoying the process of supporting your weaknesses.

That’s what my clients get obsessed with. The expansive nature of self-discovery.

And I’m all for it.

To become the person you know you can be – expand and lean into the areas that you know need some work.

And no self-shaming allowed!

Expansion and growth is part of nature, and it doesn’t mean rejecting, or “fixing” parts of yourself…

Because weaknesses and all, there’s power in every aspect of you.

Step into your power by giving yourself permission to celebrate your opportunities for growth.

You’ll expand more quickly and create results you desire in every single area of your life.

What weak spots do you have that you’d love to lean into and expand on? Send me an email at and let me know!

Much love,


P.S. When you allow yourself to learn about your weaknesses and blindspots, lean into it – it’s the secret to growth, fulfilment and results! Jump on your free breakthrough call this week and let’s talk about where you’d most benefit from leaning in.