Is an additional income stream with Arbonne for me?

I have had an Arbonne business for over six years and over that time I’ve answered loads of questions, many of them the same.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and information to help you decide if Arbonne fits in with your personal life, your brand and business, or as an additional income stream alongside your employment.


Why adding an additional income stream is a good idea?

From a business perspective:

Provide additional service to your current clients.

Provide greater value to your clients helping them to switch to healthier, cleaner products to support their healthier lifestyle.

This additional service is great for client retention and increasing the income you can receive from your clients.

For example:

A client comes to you for energy healing/ coaching/ yoga session/ wellness coaching/ a health or beauty consultation/ fashion styling/ personal training, and the service that you provide is £200.

Some of those clients will come back for more services with you, some may move away or decide to go elsewhere.

Your soul mate clients will stay with you, and as you understand their needs and requirements you are able to invite them to consider the 30 day plan for nutritional rebalancing, or support them with switching to skincare and cosmetics for better skin and health.

So your initial service to your client is worth £200 to you, and now you can increase the value of each client to you by offering an additional service that supports the work that you do.

If in this example the client does the 30 days to healthy living with you, within that first shop alone you can earn £44.85, and then when they reorder products throughout the year, you earn a reoccurring revenue.

So your £200 service becomes a £244.85 service, with potential for further revenue. So an increase of 22.42% value and scope for more in this example.

As a Consultant you earn £44.85 from selling a 30 days to Healthy Living Set to a Preferred Client, and you earn £27.38 for a Healthy Ageing Skin Care Set ( RE9 Advance).

If your client says yes to purchasing Arbonne with you, you will find that some of those clients will shop once with you, some will shop sporadically, and some will become addicted to Arbonne and shop monthly and repeatedly over the years.

One of my Preferred Clients who I met at a friends jewellery party has been with me for 6 years and spent over £9,000 with me during that period of time on Arbonne.

Who do I share Arbonne with?

You share Arbonne with your ideal client.

In the simplest terms, your ideal client is you from a few months or years ago.

When you think about your ideal client, where do they network, where do they spend their time, what events do they go to?

Where is your current circle of influence?

Go there, where people already know like and trust you. Is this within your workplace, your current business, a networking group, an exercise class, a personal development programme, parents at school, charity events?

Often people will start with letting their friends and family know that they have added this service to their business, or are starting their business with this service. Friends and family, especially if entrepreneurs will know the importance of networking and building relationships, and some may ( or may not!) be helpful in connecting you with your ideal client.

I have found some people are natural networkers and very happy to introduce you to people, and others don’t fully understand either the network marketing business model, or what good networking looks like, where you lead with giving and helping others, and over time through the laws of reciprocity receive in kind.

I found it helpful to create a networking list when I first started, as it got me thinking about possible collaborations and who would just love the products and healthy lifestyle anyway.

How do I build my business online?

There are many different ways to educate and provide value to your prospective and current Clients. 

Here are some tips to support you in growing your business online and using social media. 

Top tip, think about who your ideal client is, where are they most likely to be hanging out? Then go and hang out there. 

Choose one social media platform and do it well and then branch out to the other platforms. 

For example.

My ideal Client is a man or women in their 40’s-60’s who is a working professional, they love personal development and energy work and want to continue to grow and live their best life. They feed their family organic food, and like to spend time at the weekends with their family, out in nature walking or on a yoga retreat. When out in the city, they like to try different restaurants and to meet people from all walks of life. They love to travel and never seem to do enough of it, and they want to take care of themselves from the outside in. They read books by authors like Brene Brown, Eckart Tolle, and love nutrition, essential oils, and spas, and get their hair cut at an Aveda Salon. They love giving back, and want to make a greater impact in this world, their life purpose is their legacy and gift to this world. They use text messages, email and Facebook for communicating. ( This is where I hang out too!) 

So I know my client is interested in all these things and more ( I’ve given you a snap shot here!) so this helps me think about how I can provide value to them in what I offer online.

Your ideal Client is effectively a version of you! This is who you are speaking to you in your posts, emails, etc etc. 

We have team training for running successful Facebook Groups, Content Creation, Instagram Training, Linked In Training, getting to know people online and having meaningful conversations and so much more. Arbonne also provide you with incredible free business training that you can access online within your website.

The key is we are building relationships online through offering value, conversations and getting to know each other.
Along the way you create amazing friendships, you attract your clients and other people looking for additional income streams, and people who are looking for services that your friends offer.
Very much like you do in the real world!

How do I grow my business sharing the 30 days to Healthy Living?

This is the strategy I use within my business. I intend to invite 5 or more new people each month to join the 30 days to Healthy Living. This is my passion because our body is our home for life and so we want to treat it well. When we start to feel better about ourselves it has a ripple effect across all areas of our life, our career, relationships, our money and health.

What I love about the 30 days to Healthy Living, is that it is an easy offering to share with your clients.

Step 1) Find out their wellness needs and if they need to reduce inflammation in the body, or if there are other health issues that would benefit from them doing the 30 days to Healthy Living, then..

Step 2) share your webpage or this information sheet : and find out if they’d like to give it a go.

Step 3) Help them order their products via your website by sharing the link, or jumping on the phone with them to get them set up.

Step 4) Add them to the Lifestyle: 30 Days to Healthy Living  Facebook Group for coaching, support and inspiration, or share this welcome document with them if they aren’t on Facebook.

Step 5: Be there to check in and support them along the way, and if they fell in love and loved their results help them to reorder their favourite products.

Are there any other ways to grow this income stream?

Yes, there are many ways to create the additional income stream with Arbonne, so I love brainstorming with people when they get started, so that they can find the best fit for them.

What is the best way to start my business?

If you are new to business, I recommend creating your personal brand (being you). If you don’t know where to begin we can chat this through.

If you are already in business, then you already have your brand, so it is a case of deciding the strategy that is most in alignment with you and your clients. For example if you are a salon you may build your business different to a yoga teacher or a coach whose clients are spread out over the world.

I suggest starting by trying the products and finding out which ones are your favourites and becoming familiar with the Arbonne brand.

What types of people have an Arbonne business? 

I have met so many different types of people with an Arbonne business, from GP’s, Lawyers, Financial Advisers, PR Consultants, Writers, Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers, Pilates Teachers, Teachers, Actors, Musicians, Salon Owners, Make up Artists, Property Developers, Nutritionist, Holistic Doctors, Psychologists, Coaches, Energy Healers, Professional Athletes, Mums and Dads, across all ages.

Let me share a little introduction to my story and some of my best friends and business partners within Arbonne who all have their own businesses and an Arbonne income stream within their businesses.

We keep in touch with weekly zoom calls together to support each other, to brainstorm adding value to our clients and for business growth strategies…. and we meet up for fun – you may recognise some of these amazing humans from my social media posts!

Kate Casmira Mills- The Healing Coach

I met Kate at an event one of my best friends Wendy hosted for me.

Rebecca Nevin, Owner, Beaute, Tunbridge Wells, UK

I met Becky at a BNI Networking Event. Becky is on the left with the glasses!

Sarah Gaddie- Pilates Instructor and Pelvic Floor Expert

I met Sarah at a Music Festival in 2012 through mutual friends, we became friends and then Sarah introduce me to Arbonne in 2013.

How do I find out more about the Arbonne Values and Ethics?

How do I get paid?

You receive weekly commissions from the products you sell each week, and you receive your overrides payments at the end of the previous month, by the 10th working day of the month.

There are no guarantees regarding income, and the success or failure of each Arbonne Independent Consultant, like any other business, depends
on each Arbonne Independent Consultant’s own skills and personal effort. You should not rely on the results of other Arbonne Independent Consultants to indicate what you should expect to earn. Arbonne is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association.
Arbonne has extensive business training and coaching provided to support you adding this as an income stream into your family budget or as part of your business.