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E3 The Alchemy of Growing
Your Audience

An aligned way to add 25-250+ potential clients to your business
and £10k+ to your bank account, each and every month.

The alchemy of growing your audience and creating a soul community combines The Helix Manifesting Method with aligned audience growth strategies so you can reach more people and create a bigger impact with your service.

In this 2 hour immersion you will receive:
  • Aligned organic audience growth strategies to help you add an abundance of potential clients to your email list and social media accounts and £10k + to your bank account, each and every month. 

  • Understanding the consciousness of your audience, and how to raise the money consciousness of your community, so you hear them saying " I'm in!".

  • Understanding the spiritual connection with your community, and the energetics behind your marketing, so that the souls you are here to serve, step forward. 

  • A 30-day plan to grow your audience, one that is perfect for you where ever you are in your business journey, and one that you can rinse and repeat with ease. 

This 2-hour workshop is normally £444, but you can invest in it today for only £97!! Wahoo!!

Yes Please!

I'm so excited for you and everyone who gets to be part of YOUR audience.

About Louisa

Louisa Havers is an internationally renowned Master Transformational Coach, The Creator of The Helix Method®, Master Akashic Records teacher (Soul Journeys® Method), and Business Mentor.

She enables high achievers and coaches to unlock their superpowers, turbo-charge soul-aligned magnetism, and "lift the ceiling" in both their lives and businesses.

It’s a journey Louisa knows works as she’s personally undertaken it. Years spent leading change in the highly pressurized and stressful social services sector, led to shingles and chronic fatigue, compelling her to break free from the corporate matrix of overwork. It was the first step to creating her own life of freedom and dream business income.

Louisa enables clients across the globe to activate quantum leaps to success in their own journey to fulfillment, self-love, and a six / seven-figure income. Daring to live your life’s purpose is truly possible under Louisa’s loving, powerful and insightful guidance. 

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