The Love Codes
Experience the thrill of upgrading your relationships for your most actualised and authentic self 
Think: Embodied greater confidence and alignment within days instead of weeks as you call in your next level relationships. 
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Imagine results like...

  • Recalibrated your vibrational frequency and healed the toxic trio for manifesting so that you live more happily and successfully in the world.
  • Being in peak flow so that you attract the experiences you desire, feeling wealthy, being the right partner, enjoying generous experiences.
  • Show up as your most actualized and authentic self, and see this reflected back to you in all your relationships, your dream team, high calibre professional collaborations,  healed familial relationships.
  • Feeling confident in holding exquisite boundaries, so that your relationships continue to be a source of abundance, joy and evolution.
  • No longer seeking unnecessary permission or validation in your relationships as you heal your anxious or avoidant attachment tendencies. Clear up outdated and hidden beliefs, patterns and archetypes.
  • No longer seeking unnecessary permission or validation in your relationships as you heal your anxious or avoidant attachment tendencies. Clear up outdated and hidden beliefs, patterns and archetypes.
  • Empowered to express your true needs, desires and boundaries, letting go of any competition, lack and inequality in your energy field.
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As soon as you say YES you’ll receive...

* Instant access to our private group. You’ll be able to network in a community of like-minded high-level achievers who are transforming their relationship with their body too!

*Instant access to our membership site giving you 6 transformational modules from our most recent live experience, you'll receive the same energies, activations and healings on these replays.

I’ll tell you where to focus on so you can start to receive immediate results and transformation.
"I've been in the healing industry for 50 years. Nothing has shifted my personal life or my client's life faster than working with the amazing set of skills and the tools that come with The Helix Method."

Star Thomas-Wyse
Sacred Wisdom Coach
Advanced Helix Method Mentor
Breakthrough Every Ceiling
I'm In!
And then you'll enjoy our live experience starting 9th October 2024 and during our 90 days live experience together you’ll receive:
6 LIVE 90-minute group energy coaching sessions with Louisa including Q & A.  Replays available for keeps, revisit anytime you choose
ThetaCoding Healing by Louisa for creating your personal optimal relationships.
You’ll receive proven frameworks, energetic adjustment and attunement audios that you get to keep for life!
Private community group for connection between calls, where you can post questions, receive energy alignment coaching and share connections and celebrations.
90 days of live energy coaching and my consciousness, frequency and expertise even when we aren't on the calls!
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Early Bird Savings
Retail: $3,000 (£2,500)

**Two Ways to Save**
 Pay in Full Saving $2,000

4 payments of $625 (total $2,500)

8 payments of $313 (total $2,504) 

 Pay in Full Saving £1,500

4 payments of £500 (total £2,000)

8 payments of £250 (total £2,000)

Who is this for?

This is for self aware CEOs, Leaders & Coaches who know that their relationships govern their reality. At every stage of your journey they are central to the success of your purpose and fulfilment. Relationships can support you to become more of you, and are pivotal for your potential to reach the next level of wealth, happiness and success.

Can you imagine what calling in just one or two next-level relationships could unlock for your mission, vision, career, and quality of life?

Will this work for me?

Yes!! You will walk away with a completely different mindset and vibrational attraction point around relationships. We are in relationships with all aspects of life, our family, our loved ones, our friends, our businesses, our health, our money.

You will be in an energetic vortex with like-minded colleagues, which amplifies your own frequency as you have the energetic momentum of the group, and being witness to each other's breakthroughs results in a deep connection, joy, and friendships for life.

You’ll have accountability within the group to help you keep moving forward, plus access to my intuition and 20-plus years of expertise so that your blind spots don’t divert you and slow down your success.

Here’s what I know. When you heal multidimensionally (your soul, mind, emotions, body across all dimensions, planes, times and levels of consciousness) transformation is inevitable.

What makes this program so different?

This is the only relationship consciousness program focused on living at your fullest self-expression with the combination of the award winning energy psychology modality The Helix Method® and The Akashic Records.

You will uplevel your energetic frequency and your DNA with The Helix Method® proprietary techniques. Healing hidden trauma and subconscious blocks in a nanosecond so that you bring yourself into energetic alignment with your desires and make your manifestations inevitable.

Once you’ve learned The Helix Method® principles and techniques we teach you, you can use them across all areas of your life - for life.

How long do I get access to the materials for?

You will be supported by live energetics coaching with Louisa for 3 months, and continue to have access to the materials for life. 

And here’s my guarantee

I would be really gutted if you don’t feel completely satisfied. So we are not going to let that happen. So as long as you’re taking aligned action in a timely fashion and taking energetic responsibility by doing the inner work, in the way we layout, and keep in communication with me and tell me how you are doing. And if you aren’t satisfied with how things are progressing, we’ll devise a plan for you to get the value that you have paid for.

This is the greatest gift you can give yourself, you’ll walk away with a proven way to raise your vibrational frequency across all areas of life to catapult your success any time you choose.  

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