Have you calibrated to allowing more money in?

Julia Fry has.

Julia loves helping her clients to create more ease and flow, and she has allowed herself to create more of this for herself within her own business. 

Before lockdown Julia was building her business offline, and then when lockdown took seeing people in real life off the table, she decided she was going to review her business model. 

She wanted to create a group coaching programme and offer it online and to be able to create her marketing and sales from a heart centered space. 

Julia was scared of the investment before she stepped into The Infinite Prosperity Collective, and then once she was in….she surprised herself by the transformation. 

She has created and run two 5 day Masterclasses, and welcomed in her first client for a 6 month programme, calibrating to a new money frequency, and launched her first group coaching programme. 

And she has discovered… she enjoys networking online and growing her audience, and allowing herself to be fully supported in growing her business whilst she in turn supports her clients.  

And now, with the increased income growth, she is enjoying growing her business to her next milestone. 

Watch her story HERE:

Testimonial for Infinite Prosperity Collective.