If You’re Tired Of Making Other People Rich…

This is a game changer…

I never work before 11am.

I feel amazing, and the freedom of running my own business has made me love my life and career even more.

After years of working a job that wasn’t anywhere NEAR in alignment with the life that made me happy, I realized…

Only YOU can create a life you love.

Deciding to work for myself in a field where I help people (AND myself!) was the best decision I ever made. As your own boss, you get to…

> Work with whoever you want…
> Do the work you most LOVE to do…
> Say NO to things that don’t bring you joy.

I’ve noticed a trend lately. My clients are realising more and more that they’re ALLOWED to quit their 9-5 job to get the life they want.

You can create incredible abundance and freedom in your life now, and you don’t have to wait for someone else’s permission to get it.

What are you settling for that’s not making you happy?

How are you holding back from taking action to make your life what you NEED it to be?

I’ve been there. It can be scary making big changes, especially when you’re taking a risk to change your career.

But if I didn’t take that first leap, I wouldn’t have gained all the knowledge and resources I now have to help myself – and my clients – design a life that inspires them.

I’m excited to share with you my most recent programme – Soulful Business Mastery. It’s for coaches who want to build their ideal business that’s in harmony with who they are.

Maybe you’re interested in making an amazing change in your life, but dread learning how to run Facebook ads. Well, you don’t have to! Soulful Business Mastery is about creating a model that works for you.

You get to align your life with YOUR goals, dreams, and values. Click here to get on a call to talk it all through some time this week. But remember, it won’t be before 11am 😉

Much love,


P.S. The only thing between you and the life you love… is action. So take that first step and schedule your breakthrough call now. It doesn’t cost a thing, and we’ll point you in the right direction to find fulfilment and joy again.

P.P.S. My Soulful Business Mastery programme has been developed from my years of experience, failures and successes – designed to help you build a business that works for YOU. Send me an email at louisa@louisahavers.com and I’ll be sure to send you the details!