How Fear Prevents You From Blooming

I have a story for you… it’s about nervous tulips.

After a cold winter, spring finally arrived. The sun felt closer, and the breeze was refreshing and gentle.

The ground warmed up, and it was time for flowers to bloom. A field of tulip bulbs laid dormant all winter, and began to grow.

But on reaching the surface, they hesitated.

“What if I’m not ready yet?”
“What if the weather gets cold again?”
“What if I’m not strong enough to bloom?”

Can you imagine something so beautiful…resisting to grow out of fear?

In nature there’s an ebb and flow to everything. Periods of rest, retreat, preparation…then action, growth, and development.

Waves retreat before rushing to shore, the moon disappears to a sliver before becoming full, and the seasons change.

But sometimes we’re like nervous tulips.

We get stuck in fear-driven stories that prevent us from flowing into periods of growth and creating beautiful results. 

I totally understand this hesitation. In the past, right before launching programmes I lovingly created, I would think… ‘Maybe it’s not ready yet’. ‘Maybe I don’t have time to run this programme right now.’

I was afraid of growing and expanding to the greater potential that was right in front of me. 

When I recognized that pattern, I learned to say YES to growth.

But like the natural cycles of nature, it doesn’t mean I’m in constant stages of high action.

It’s important to respect our cycles by not resisting any stage of action or rest.

Jump on your free breakthrough call with us to explore how you might be preventing your natural cycle from flowing with ease… and growing to full bloom.

Much Love,


P.S. There are natural cycles of rest and action in nature and within ourselves. So when we resist times of action and growth out of our ego’s fear-based stories, we resist our natural progression. Jump on a call with me and my team this week, and we’ll show you how I help clients, and myself, allow real growth in ourselves to produce the results we really want in life. Click Here to Book Your Call