How do you get unstuck and reinvent yourself?  

Here is my little list of the principles to getting unstuck and creating the life that you want to actually want to live.

Principle 1 – Strengthen your Personal Foundation.    

I believe that your personal foundation is made up of having nothing unresolved in your personal or business affairs, your personal and emotional needs met, clear boundaries and standards, high energetic positive vibration, your Head & Heart and Hara in alignment,  an inner circle and community that develops you, and your life fully orientated around your core values.

When you have a strong foundation you are able to use your skills and resources with trust and faith as you step forward to focus on your bigger goals and dreams.

I have found it to be true that the process of building a strong personal foundation teaches you how to eliminate and prevent many common problems that are usually thought of as an expected part of life.

Every new dream requires a new version of yourself, and to do that we must always work on strengthen our foundation.

Principle 2 – The Gateway to Abundance is Gratitude  

As we each attract what we need to learn or what we’re ready for.  We know that we attract all of the people, opportunities, interests, and even challenges or limitations in our lives. This doesn’t mean that anything that is hurting us or isn’t good should be in our lives.

We can often find ourselves resisting or feeling really frustrated, impatient with our current challenges.

The key point is that you are where you are, and what you have probably won’t leave or stay, whichever is better for you, until you accept that the universe was right for giving it to you in the first place. The moment you accept this, you are free. The key is to move out of resistance to acceptance for where you are, and then to take positive action towards where you want to go.

Principle 3  – Energy Flows Where your Attention Goes.

Everything is energy, and it is always flowing, no matter what. You are always giving out energy towards something. We have control over where we direct that energy.

Where are you putting your attention? Next time a friend comes to share all their woes over a glass of wine or beer and goes on about it for hours, the energy being direct there is flowing and growing bigger and bigger. It shows up in life as emotions that feel terrible; such as worry, guilt, shame, anger, helplessness or hopelessness. The same is true and often in a much more intense way, if your focus is on your own difficulties, of course.

So many people are giving their attention to what isn’t in their life, focusing on the lack of time, money or resources. By focusing on it, they are creating more of what they don’t want. To see it change you have to consciously direct your energy, emotions and attention to what you want.

Principle 4  –  It is all About Being in Flow.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and those around you is to raise your energetic vibration and be in flow and alignment with the choices and actions you take.

Our lives are created by how we think and feel. If you feel sad or depressed or doubt what you are doing, how can you get to where you want to be. This is an out of flow state and stops you making the right decisions and action. Until you change your energy, thoughts and emotions the things you don’t want will keep coming back to you.

When you have a choice to make it is much easier if you let your core values choose for you. If you are in alignment with your core values, you will attract the best people and opportunities to you naturally.

Principle 5 – Your Purpose is Your Gift to the World.

I believe that we all have a purpose in life, and that if we don’t live our purpose and passion that the Universe has a funny way of making us take stock and listen, I meet so many people that haven’t been living their purpose and passion and they have got sick.

We can share our gifts in the world in a number of different ways, the key is finding the ones that we are aligned to, and releasing any resistance to making the necessary ( and sometimes scary) changes!

Sometimes, people aren’t aware of the gift they have, or they are too busy just getting through life that the notion of a gift appears to be a luxury or a threat to the status quo.

Start hanging out with others who are developing their own gifts. You need to be around those who naturally support your development because they too, know what it takes to trust and develop that special part of yourself. The naysayers in your life need to learn how to encourage you. If they don’t, release them from your inner circle. Life is too short to have people around who don’t believe in you.

Principle 6  – Keep it Simple for an Effortless Life.

Your Life can become simple when you take responsibility for  what happens in every aspect of your life, and fully understand that the physical universe is a true reflection of your inner world, and you patch up all cracks and drains in your life and energy. Do what is right for both your physical and emotional well-being.

Principle 7   – Enjoy the Journey

Most people spend a lifetime trying to  “ have it all”, and spending so much time on striving for another destination that they forget about what they already have, and where they are already successful. The energy you have around your goals is key as to whether you will flow or be in resistance around working towards them.

The greatest gift is the person who you become in the process of your growth, so enjoy the journey, and allow it to flow.

Principle 8  – The Power of Now

What is the power of now? It is simply, TODAY. The reality of your life today. What is now, not what could be so and should be or shouldn’t be, but actually what is, whether you like it or not. There is a richness in the present that puts the past and the future in the proper light. Take a look at your life and see what percentage of your time is spent either compensating for or resolving the past or creating a future. If it’s more than 10% on either side, you’re missing out on the richness of the present, and the power of now.

Principle 9  – Managing Self

There’s no such thing as time management. How can one manage time? Can you touch it? Stop it? Control it? Create it? No, not really.  Yet, you do have a lot to accomplish during your 24 hours a day. So what we are really talking about is self management.

Principle 10- Transform your Paradigm to create the shifts.

Your current paradigm and vibration has created the life you see around you today. To create transformational shifts in your life, you need a new paradigm and vibration.

This isn’t about behaviour change alone, this is about going deeper then changing what you are doing. When you change your paradigm, you are changing or upgrading who you are being, which then usually results in the more desirable behaviour naturally.

The focus is on developing yourself instead of trying to change what you’re doing.  Developing yourself is usually permanent and puts you onto a healthier path.

When one shifts who they are being, things naturally look different and the results are quick. Your energetic vibration is raised with a paradigm shift.

The most important thing you can do for yourself, your family and those you love, is to change the thoughts and emotions and beliefs that hold you back and keep you stuck. Sometimes these are energies ( everything is energy) that you have carried for years, and you can actually shift it really quickly. A key technique I teach my Clients is how to use The Energy Alignment Method to work release the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have held them back, so that they can be in flow ( Principle 4!).

I was blown away when my inspirational Client Leigh Beeby  who came to work with me after being made redundant for 7 years and not having a clue about what she wanted to do, but knew she wanted to create a better life for her and her young daughter wrote this song about her journey working with EAM as a modality.  Leigh has set up her own Coaching Business and is a Singer & Songwriter. Take a listen!

Are you ready to have your own epic journey?

Are you ready to take the step to reinvent yourself and create a new life? You deserve to be fully supported. Let’s have a conversation and see if we are a fit for each other.