Heal Your Witch Wound
It is time to heal your witch wound so that you:

  • Allow yourself to be more visible? 
  • To stand out and be known as the go to expert in your field? 
  • To have the wealth you desire and the impact that you came here to make!
  • And, to finally enjoy the full benefits of your business?

In this 2-hour Vortex you will:

  • * Heal collective, intergenerational trauma of witches persecution so that you can feel safe with your gifts and for being different ( no longer subconsciously concealing them out of transgenerational fear) and heal future generations to come…

  • * Heal the collective and personal trauma and oppression of your identity locked deep in your DNA.  So that you can embody the transfiguration of light and your identity feels safe in your body. Resulting in miracles and magic beyond your wildest dreams! 

  • * Allow yourself to be visible, so that your client attraction is easy. No longer subconsciously stopping yourself from being seen which is stopping you from really benefiting from your business financially, emotionally and energetically.

  • * Feel safe to trust your inner circle, directly impacting your relationship with trust and sales in your business.

  • * Feel inherently worthy of your power and gifts, for you, for your ancestors, for your sisters, for your brothers, for your daughters, for your sons.... for humanity.

  • * Quantum leap onto a higher timeline where you activate your bliss state. As you stand out in your marketing. And clients easily step into your offers and continue to work with you for years to come. 

We will be using the secret elixir of techniques from The Helix Method and working within the Akashic Records for your results and transformation.

Are you ready to fully step into your power?

Simply check out below to claim this powerful video guided experience! 

Together we rise…

Much love, 


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