So why a thought MOT?

Your thoughts have their own vibration. We’ve talked before here about the “coat hanger” experiment ( Alby Experiment in Pam Grout’s Esquared book), and the tuning fork experiment, so I’m assuming you are on the same page as me about the impact of our thoughts on our environment. ( If not you can catch up with my other blogs after this one!)

When you think of a happy thought you can feel it in your body, when you feel excited to see a family member or a friend it feels light and warm,. Then if you think of a negative thought, for example when feeling cross about something or worried about something, it is a low vibrational thought and you can feel it in your body as a nauseous feeling or even a pain.

If you have lots of thoughts of a similar lower vibration, they will begin to create momentum and attract another low vibrational thought. Have you ever noticed how you can spiral into a state of worry about something quite quickly? These negative thoughts create resistant feelings, and feelings are emotion, or energy in motion and working with the law of vibration and attraction will bring more of the same experiences to you.

When you are holding thoughts, beliefs and patterns they affect your emotion and vibration that you are sending out into the world in your human wifi ( your Aura).

There are three key benefits as to why transforming your thoughts is so important.

  • Physiological benefits
  • Psychological benefits
  • Energetic benefits.

Your Physiological Benefits are:

You will have a change in your neural set point.

A positive neural sync between the heart and mind.

Change your brain wave patterns in a positive way.

A reduction in your Adrenal and Cortisol levels in your body.

Resolve stress. ( Hooray!)

Release tension in your body.

Relieve the associated physical pain.

Reduce symptoms of illness.

Make cellular changes.

The Psychological benefits are:

You can maintain positive thoughts for longer.

You have better mental health.

A change in your embedded thought patterns that no longer serve you.

Create long term cognitive shifts.

No reliving of stressful past situations.

Increase your bouncebackability ( !) from negative situations.

Be more adaptive to changes in your life.

You actively seek more new experiences.

You are better able to deal with traumatic events.

The Energetic Benefits are:

Clears resistance in your energy.

Changes the information stored in your human wifi ( your aura).

Aligns your head and your heart energy.

Attracts more thoughts and energy of a similar positive nature.

Creates new patters in all levels of your energy.

Let’s create some Positive Emotions. Try this exercise.

Think of something that you’d like to change or achieve.

First get a clear picture of that goal in your mind. Then, while you are thinking about that goal, say the words.

” I love this goal, I can do this. I am going for it, and I can reach it.”

Now say these words again whilst you are thinking about the goal, out loud, with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

” I love this goal, I can do this. I am going for it, and I can reach it.”

Think about how amazing you feel about your goal and how important it is to you. Change your posture, I call this a power pose! Raise your head above your shoulders , stand tall, lift up your chin in determination and courage, take a strong deep breath and visualise yourself reaching the goal and being successful.

Then while thinking about the goal, and with it clearly in your mind, say your words again with as much feeling as possible.

“I love this goal, I can do this. I’m going for it, and I can reach it.”

Now, final time. This time yourself getting an award for reaching your goal ( it can be an Oscar if you like!) imagine the crowds cheering you and giving you a standing ovation for reaching your goal.

Pick one goal and do this simple exercise of repeating these words several times a day, you will start to notice a different, simply by repeating the words with strong emotions attached to them, the goal becomes stronger.

Our brains are chemical organs, and emotions in the brain are chemical stimulators that affect both your feelings ( heart) and tell your brain how to react.

The power of self directed neuroplasticity grows even stronger when you add emotions into it. Which is why when I’m working with clients, and we are aligning to a powerful step 5, I will ask them how they would like to feel in this situation, and invite them to bring that feeling into their body as they say the aligning statement. The extra secret sauce is to then check that your subconscious and energy are in alignment with this and we do this with the Energy Alignment Method ( see under the coaching tab for an explanation.)

The good news is that positive emotions like joy, love, peace, harmony, positive expectations and enthusiasm cause neural pathways to form faster and also to connect with other neural networks that were formed using similar kinds of positive emotions. Like attracts like ( obviously !).

Much love,

Louisanna x