Glenda Barber
Advanced Helix Method Mentor
My name is Glenda! I am excited to be among the first graduating class as a Certified Helix Method Mentor.

Learning from Louisa was extraordinary as she walks her talk and embodies what she has in place. She personally shares with us her course study and practical classes. I feel an easy and natural connection to all things not spoken of,
especially the elements.

I recharge my soul, and deepen into my inner sense of trust and inner knowing here. Calibrating and raising my own frequency to show up more and more of unconditional love.

As a Certified Helix Method Mentor and Certified Professional Hypnotist, I have been able to help others heal and shift their resistance and beliefs. Most of my clients were innately drawn to this sense of safeness and trust within the Helix Method.

I found this magic, fluid and easy to support the changes in my clients mindset and identity, Making it a sustainable deep level transformation. My clients are supported during the embodiment of these changes. By changing things at the root level in life, it ripples out in all areas.

If your not willing to change your life and reap the rewards and changes - then this is not for you!

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